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Kuala Pembuang – (

Authority of Port Authorities (Kesyahbandaran Otoritas Pelabuhan = KSOP) Kuala Pembuang affirmed that Segintung Bay Seaport is intended for vessels with capacity above 100 gross tons (GT). As for vessels with a capacity smaller or below 100 GT, it is recommended to dock at the Port of KP3 in Kuala Pembuang.

“Sandar at Segintung Port if it is when the wave is not a problem. However, when the wave season is big, it will be dangerous for small boats such as timber merchant ships, “said KSOP chief executive Kuala Pembuang Abdullah at Kuala Pembuang last week.

According to Abdullah, wooden ships in Kuala Pembuang can dock at KP3 Dock, considering it is a dock belonging to the local government. Thus, timber vessels can dock at the dock.

Capacity of the ship is an average of under 100 GT, while capacity capacity aboard the ship at Segintung Port is above 100 GT.

“Another case with large capacity boats up to 500 GT and above is still safe,” he explained, as reported by

In addition, wooden vessels also do not have tools for loading and unloading of goods. If just mooring, it does not really matter.

“Related licensing mooring course through KSOP. Officers from KSOP will also be placed there when Segintung Port is operational later, “he said.

In addition to permits, Abdullah added, the mooring vessels and activities at the port will also be charged. The fee is applied based on the tonnage capacity of the vessel. “There is a rule and the funds that come will be directly deposited to the state treasury,” he explained.

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