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Rabu, 31 Mei 2017 – 09:17 WIB

JAKARTA – In response to complaints from several importers related to the Minister of Finance Regulation No. 182 / PMK.04 / 2016 regarding Provisions on Import of Goods Submissions, the government seeks to simplify and accelerate the procedure of shipment by application service system and electronic data exchange. Nevertheless still found a challenge in its application in the field.

According to the Director of International Customs and Interagency, Robert Leonard Marbun, since the issuance of this regulation, as much as 70% of the import of shipment can be completed in less than 1 day.

“There are about 0.02% of the settlement process up to over 20 days. However it is caused by the provisions of prohibitions and restrictions that have not been met. On average the completion of the shipment is for 17 hours, “he said, Thursday (5/31/2017).

Robert said, e-commerce growth also contributed to influence the time of Customs services. “Currently, the potential of shipment reaches 40,000 packages / day from the previous 5,000 packets / day, which certainly increases the service time,” he said.

However, it is anticipated by Customs by applying a risk management system to accelerate the delivery of goods.

The FMD is also issued to ensure the transparency of freight services by applying the tracking system. Service users can now track shipment on the official Customs page via

Not only that, to encourage the growth of e-commerce value of goods that get exemptions also increased from the original USD50 to USD100. This regulation is also issued in order to adjust import procedures with international best practice by applying a value threshold system.


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