Gunung Agung Erupsi, the Bali Flight Line is Not Bothered

JAKARTA – The Ministry of Transportation assesses the eruption of Gunung Agung in Bali has no impact on the path and flight operations in the island of Bali and surrounding areas.

Director General of Air Transportation Kemenhub Agus Santoso said that based on direct observation in the field and using Darwin Himawari-8 Volcanic Ash Advisory Centers (VAAC) radar, there is no volcanic ash in airways in Bali, Lombok and surrounding areas.

In addition, Vulcano Observation Notice for Aviation (VONA) Gunung Agung is also still orange. So flight operations in Bali, Lombok, Ujung Pandang (Makassar) and Banyuwangi are still running normally.

“Until now it is still safe, there is no transfer route,” said Agus, Tuesday (1/5/2018).
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Status Level III But Mount Agung Back Erupsi? Here’s the PVMBG Explanation

AMLAPURA – Great Volcano again shows its high activity amid its status at Level III (Standby).

Mount Agung erupted on Monday (30/4) at approximately 22:45 pm with the height of the ash column observed 1,500 meters above the peak (4,642 m above sea level).

Noted there is a maximum Amplitude 23 mm and 172 seconds of the earthquake and the wind leads to the west.

“With the eruption tonight, I’m still shocked, so we are still in Level III status, if the earthquake decreases, the activity may go down, but it could be because there is blockage and accumulation of energy in shallow depth,” explained Head of Mitigation Sub- East Volcano Monitoring PVMBG, Devy Kamil Syahbana.
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Bali Safe: Denpasar Tourism Office Socializes SOP Facing Mount Agung Eruption

Safe Mountain Mount Radius Lowered To 6 Km

Denpasar – Tourism Department of Denpasar, Bali, together with tourism actors continue to socialize and publicize to standard operational procedures (SOP) to face the eruption of Mount Agung.

“We are together with ‘Bali Tourism Hospitality (BTH)’ currently finalizing SOP for disaster mitigation during Ngurah Rai Airport closure due to volcanic activity of Gunung Agung,” said Denpasar Head of Tourism Agency Maria Antonia Dezire Mulyani on Thursday .

Dezire said it cooperates with the Regional Tourism Promotion Board (BPPD) has signed a memorandum of cooperation (MoU) so that tourists who are in Denpasar when the airport is closed still get maximum service.

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GUNUNG AGUNG UPDATE: Ngurah Rai Airport Safe from Volcanic Dust Distribution, Airport Authority Opens

The atmosphere at Ngurah Rai airport, Tuesday, 28/11/2017

Denpasar – International Airport Operation I Gusti Ngurah Rai will open at 15:00 Wita Wednesday (11/29/2017) afternoon, this conclusion is obtained from the results of the joint meeting of airport community evaluation held at the Emergency Building Operation Center (EOC).

Head of Airport Authority Region IV Bali Nusa, Herson said the opening of operational Airport I Gusti Ngurah Rai based of several things to note.

“Airspace or air space at the airport is now no vulcanic ash so it is safe for air traffic and VONA status is now down to ORANGE so consideration,” he explained via short message.

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Bali paradise turns to nightmare for some ‘cash-strapped’ tourists as Agung volcano erupts

Passengers gather at the Gusti Ngurah Rai International airport in Denpasar, Bali on November 27, 2017, after flights were cancelled due to the threat of an eruption by the Mount Agung volcano. A rumbling volcano on Bali could erupt at any moment, authorities warned on November 27 as they raised alert levels to maximum, accelerated a mass evacuation and closed the main airport, leaving thousands of tourists stranded on the Indonesian resort island. Photo: Yuda A Riyanto/AFP

Cancelled flights, missed connections and expiring visas have turned Bali into a nightmare for thousands of tourists scrambling to leave, as a volcano on the Indonesian vacation paradise threatens a major eruption.

Hundreds of flights have been grounded as the main international airport was shuttered for a second day on Tuesday, leaving 120,000 stranded visitors in need of shelter — or an exit plan.

Hundreds joined the mad rush to board buses headed to an international airport in Indonesia’s second-biggest city Surabaya — 13 hours’ drive and a ferry ride away — as torrential rains dampened spirits even more in one the world’s top tourist draws.

An imminent major eruption of Mount Agung may mean more five-star hotel living for some well-heeled visitors who are happy to sit out the minor inconvenience, but Mukesh Kumar Gupta and two-dozen members of his family aren’t going to be staying at the Four Seasons.

“We are practically helpless — how can we get back to India?” said the Chennai-based member of the heaving 26-member clan.

Gupta’s family — 23 adults and three kids — arrived in Bali 10 days ago from different Indian cities.

They were all supposed to fly back Tuesday but now they say they are stuck, and nearly broke, as chaos ensued at the airport with frustrated travellers and overwhelmed staff.

“The refund money (from the airline) won’t be enough to buy us new tickets,” another family member, Navin Saraf from Kolkata, told AFP at Bali’s main airport.

“We booked everything online beforehand, so we don’t have much cash right now,” he added.

Towering columns of thick grey smoke have been rising from Agung since last week, and in the last few days the volcano has begun shooting smoke and ash into the sky, forcing all flights to be grounded until at least Wednesday morning.

Ash is dangerous for planes as it makes runways slippery and can be sucked into their engines.

‘Nobody’s fault’

Agung is 75 kilometers (47 miles) from the beach-and-sandal tourist hub of Kuta, but that wasn’t making German student Alex Thamm feel much better.

“We are supposed to go back to Germany via Singapore on (Friday) but the situation seems not good,” he said nervously.

“Is it dangerous here? Do you think [the volcano] will explode?”

The delays weren’t putting a smile on Juan Gajun’s face either, after he missed a connecting flight Monday.

“We have to leave the island and we can’t. We were planning to go to Singapore but we have to stay here for I don’t know, maybe two or three days more,” said the 30-year-old Argentine.

Colin Cavy, a French dive master who has been in Indonesia for a couple of months, had other problems.

“I’ve just come to Bali two days ago to leave the country,” he told AFP.

“My visa has expired…I need to go to the immigration office.”

Meanwhile, cash-strapped Gupta and his bulging brood were weighing their options, which he lamented would not include help from India’s consulate in Bali.

“No one can beat nature, but at least people can help,” said Gupta’s relative Abhisek Garg, who lives in Delhi.

They might want to call inn operator I Wayan Yastina Joni, who is among the few hoteliers willing to take up an appeal by Bali’s governor and tourism agency to supply free rooms to out-of-luck visitors.

“I don’t mind giving free accommodation for tourists I already know,” said the owner of the Pondok Denayu Homestay.

“This is nobody’s fault. It’s a natural disaster that no one expected.”

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MOUNT AGUNG UPDATE: The closure of Ngurah Rai Airport is extended until Wednesday (29/11)

DENPASAR-The result of the Gunung Agung eruption evaluation meeting by the airport community I Gusti Ngurah Rai Bali decided the airport’s closure will be extended to 24 hours ahead or until 07.00 hours Wednesday (29/11/2017).

Head of Public Relations Ngurah Rai Airport Arie Ahsanurrohim said the decision was made after following up the eruption of Mount Agung at 24.00 Wita. The volcanic ash height of the eruption reached 3,000 meters.

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MOUNT AGUNG ERUPTION: Garuda Cancel 117 Flights to Bali and Lombok Today

Protection … Workers cover a plane engine with a plastic sheet in their attempt not to be damaged by volcanic ash at Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali.

JAKARTA – In connection with increased eruption of Mount Agung activity since 26 November 2017 and published “Notification to Airman / Notam No. A4242 / 17 closure of Ngurah Rai International Airport Bali, then all Garuda Indonesia flights from and to Bali & Lombok until today (28/11) again canceled.

The cancellation of flights in Lombok and Bali is in line with the company’s commitment to prioritize the safety aspects of aviation operations, particularly considering the distribution of volcanic ash which is very risky to aviation safety.

In a press release, they mentioned with the cancellation of the flight, then at least there are 117 Garuda Indonesia flights that will be canceled after the increased volcanic ash eruption of Mount Agung volcano.

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Gunung Agung Erupsi, Blimbingsari Airport Banyuwangi Still Operates

Blimbingsari Airport in Banyuwangi, East Java

BANYUWANGI – Head of Banyuwangi Airport Operator Unit Office Dodi Dharma Cahyadi said the airport located in Blimbingsari Village, Banyuwangi Regency, East Java, is still safe from volcanic ash of Gunung Agung.

“Until today the flight activity at Blimbingsari Airport in Banyuwangi is still normal and not disturbed by Mount Agung eruption,” he said in Banyuwangi, East Java, Monday (27/11/2017).

According to him, the closure of Ngurah Rai Airport in Denpasar, Bali, also has not significantly impacted the surge of passengers at Banyuwangi Airport because the number of passengers is still normal as usual.

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Gunung Agung Update: Closing Ngurah Rai Airport Extended

The decision of the meeting of the Airport Community I Gusti Ngurah Rai Bali

Ngurah Rai Airport and volcanic ash Gunung Agung.

Evaluation Meeting of Angkasa Pura I I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport was completed on Tuesday (28/11/2017) at dawn at 01:40 WITA earlier.

GM AP I I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport, Yanus Suprayogi said from observations in the airport distribution of volcanic ash is now widening.

“The closure of our operations extends until the next morning, or until Wednesday morning, according to NOTAM AirNav Indonesia which will be issued after this,” he said.

Yanus added that this was done because the spread of volcanic ash widened and even reached Banyuwangi and Jember.

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