Integrators and E-commerce Giants a Real Threat to Air Freight Forwarders

Apr. 10, 2024 by

More than two-thirds of the logistics industry believes traditional air freight forwarding will lose volumes in the next five years to tech start-ups, carriers and companies such as Amazon. According

This is ALFI & GINSI Opinion: The idea of Pelindo II building CFS Center is Difficult to Realize

Mar. 13, 2024 by

Pelindo II idea to build Container Freight Station (CFS) Center facility in Tanjung Priok Port is difficult to be realized. CFS Center is a center of import goods storage facility

Air Freight Forwarder Vs Ocean Cargo Shipping – 3 Keys to Choosing Your Delivery Method

Jan. 24, 2024 by

Whether you are shipping goods or starting an exciting life adventure as an expat, the decision between air and ocean freighting is crucial. Here are three keys to choosing your

Transfer of Container Terminal, ALFI Appreciation of Contingency Effort of Ministry of Transportation

Jan. 10, 2024 by, JAKARTA – The Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (ALFI) appreciates the contingency plan of the Ministry of Transportation, Port of Tanjung Priok Authority, TPK Koja, NPCT 1, Port of

Air Freight Agents: What Can They Do for Your Shipping Process?

Nov. 8, 2023 by

Does your company avoid air shipping because it seems too expensive? For many companies, moving freight in all ways but through the sky results from insufficient information about shipping by

Improved Export-Import, Actual Loading and Unloading of Pelindo – Growing 44.78%

Nov. 1, 2023 by

MEDAN-Actual loading and unloading of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia I (Persero) in the first half of 2017 reached 27.57 million tons or grew 44.78% compared to the same period last year

ALFI Questioning Relief Costs of Increasing Container Import during Idul Adha Holiday

Sep. 27, 2023 by

JAKARTA ( – The Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (ALFI) has questioned whether the policy on the relief of cumulative expenses in Tanjung Priok Port during Idul Adha 1438 holiday

The Advantages of Exporting with Bali Intercont Cargo

Aug. 7, 2023 by

Introduction:In the ever-expanding global marketplace, international trade has become essential for businesses seeking growth and success. For exporters based in Bali, Indonesia, the process of shipping goods to international destinations

JICT: Productivity of loading and unloading container increases

Feb. 7, 2023 by

JAKARTA – Two weeks after the end of strike action by PT JICT Workers Union (SP), loading and unloading activities at container terminal PT Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) continue

The Importance of a Good Air Freight Shipping Company in a Business

Oct. 4, 2022 by

The reason why many businesses are able to market their products in different parts of the world is good air freight shipping companies. Not every company that deals with air