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How to Role a Forwarder in a Freight Forwarding Company?

Aug. 2, 2022 by

Definition and definition of Freight Forwarding Freight Forwarding is a company that has business in the field of freight forwarding, freight forwarding can also function as EMKL (Shipping Expedition Ship),

Qualities And Features A Good Freight Forwarding Company Should Have

Jul. 26, 2022 by

Businesses involved in the import and export industry will usually benefit greatly from working with a freight forwarding company. This is because such companies offer a lot of advantages. For

Facts About Full Container Shipping

Jul. 5, 2022 by

Full container shipping is a smart container shipping activity which is offered by the international shipping and freight movers to import and export companies as well as individual customers who

Armada transportations

How to Choose Your Freight Forwarder and Reduce Freight Costs?

Jun. 14, 2022 by

Overseas shipping can be a complex matter, and involve a plethora of intricate complications. If you are new to this than chances are that you are completely clueless about exact

6 Tips To Start An Import and Export Business

May. 24, 2022 by

The fundamental principle in the export and import business is that if a country produces a certain product better than your country, then you should import that product. But if

Is this the beginning of the end for the freight forwarder..??

May. 3, 2022 by

In response to the question Who is a Freight Forwarder, I explained that in the most succinct and layman terms, a Freight Forwarder maybe defined as a multi-function agent/operator who

Documents Required for Export from Indonesia to Overseas

Mar. 29, 2022 by

The documents required for export are determined by the buyer’s request as mentioned at the selected payment event (L/C or other). The exporter must be careful in appropriately fulfilling the

Procedures for Export of Goods from Indonesia to Overseas

Mar. 22, 2022 by

Export activity is a trading system that allows a person to trade cross-country. Currently the government is trying to increase foreign exchange by boosting the flow of goods exports. Export

What are Destination Charges in the Freight Forwarding and Shipping Industry?

Mar. 15, 2022 by

When it comes to destination charges and other components of freight forwarding and shipping invoices we understand that many questions arise. Why does the setup of invoices vary so drastically

Explanation of PPJK and EMKL as well as Its Duties in Export Process

Feb. 15, 2022 by

PPJK ( Perusahaan Pengurus Jasa Kepabeanan ) is a business entity that carries out customs fulfillment activities for and on the power of importers or exporters. The maintenance of customs