Indonesian Logistics Forwarder Association (ILFA) Reveals the Rare of Export Containers

Dec. 17, 2020 by

JAKARTA – Indonesia finds it difficult to get empty containers due to unequal competition in international trade. The reason is, shipping to the United States (US) is more attractive than

Empty containers Rare, Logistics Costs Increased 3 Times!

Dec. 10, 2020 by

The Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (ALFI) said that the increase in freight rates has increased by three times due to the scarcity of containers., JAKARTA – Logistics business

Manifest Generation III, Customs Accelerates the Flow of Goods

Jan. 10, 2019 by

JAKARTA – Entering 2019 Customs continues to create various innovations and strategies in order to respond to the rapid development of industry that has entered the industrial stage 4.0. Strategic

ALFI Urges Progressive Package Fee Exemption in Priok During Lebaran Holiday

Jun. 26, 2018 by

JAKARTA – Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association urged the exemption of the imposition of the progressive cost of the accumulation of imported containers at Tanjung Priok Port during the Idul

ALFI: Overbrengen Container Preferably Night

May. 22, 2018 by

JAKARTA-The Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (ALFI) proposes that the movement of imported or overbrengen containers from first-line container terminals to temporary hoarding stations (TPS) in the Tanjung Priok customs

ALFI: We are Ready to Be Active in One Belt One Road Initiative

May. 5, 2018 by

JAKARTA – Secretary General of Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (ALFI) Akbar Djohan said that ALFI is ready to take an active role in international logistics to welcome the One

Cargo Domestic Wriggling While International Cargo Sluggish

Apr. 25, 2018 by

JAKARTA – The domestic air cargo business this year will grow rapidly compared to the international. Chairman of the Soekarno Hatta Trade Facilitation Committee Ibrahim Sahib said one factor that

Forwarder Is Recognized As Contractual Carrier, ALFI Relief

Apr. 25, 2018 by

JAKARTA – The Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (ALFI) has responded positively to the ease of logistics business processes in relation to the recognition of forwarder companies as contractual or

ALFI Urged Government Revise Rules Logistics Inhibitors

Apr. 20, 2018 by

JAKARTA – Logistics business actors urged the revision of a number of government regulations that are considered to inhibit the growth and development of national logistics business amid the tight

ALFI Launches Online Logistics Service via

Apr. 20, 2018 by

JAKARTA – Indonesian logistics and forwarder association (ALFI) is partnering with PT Indonesia Logistik Community Services (ILCS) – a subsidiary of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II – in operating an online