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Sending packages is now fear-free with air freight tracking. As long as you have the waybill quantity with you, you can examine the exact location of your cargo when it has not yet been delivered to its destination.

There was a time when people weren’t too proud of freight services. Lots of have been tackled relating to lost, damaged or late packages. This is the reason why freight services are repeatedly growing their strategies of cargo in order to gain and retain the loyalty of their customers.

One of the developments is air freight tracking. This method is made simpler now with using the internet. Most of those freight companies have their own websites already. You don’t have to go to their nearest branch simply to check where your package is at the moment. The method can be carried out by simply logging into the web and doing the tracking online.

Tracking packages is only one of the concerns which are important in an air freight service. Another consideration that you should be noted is how your packages are shipped.

Air freight cargo comprised of 3 main categories based on the mode of shipment.

  1. Cargo planes.
    Major air freight companies own numerous kinds of cargo planes. These planes are exclusively used for their air freight services. Cargoes and packages are loaded using rollers which are built-in into their load ground area. Once the packages are brought into the rear of the plane, it is going to be rolled straight up to the rear or the front of the cargo hold.
  2. Super Cargo planes.
    These planes are also called the super transporters. They are specially designed to hold all moving large and heavy cargos. Helicopters are being transported this way. These planes can hold up to 47 tons of loads. It’s constructed with a large cargo area that fills up most of the space inside the plane. Large cargos can fit effortlessly through the large door located at the front of the cargo hold.
  3. Passenger Cargo planes.
    Almost all passenger planes carry freight with them together with passengers and all their baggage. One of the major companies that are using passenger airplanes to ship their packages is the US Postal Service. It can be noted that a percent of the revenue that is generated by airlines are from air freight. Packages are put together will all different packages and baggage in the compartment area.

These are the methods of shipment that’s being used by air freight services. Knowing what method your service is using is important if you want to know how you packages are being handled and shipped.

Furthermore, the mode of air freight tracking is depends on the schedules and the strict compliance that each cargo methods.

If you want to make sure that you package will arrive safety and on time, pick the best method that you think will give you one of the best service. Select the one with the most effective air freight tracking service. This is your assurance that you will have full track of your package till it arrive at its vacation spot safely.

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