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Bali Intercont Cargo (BIC) is ready to provide high quality logistics services around the world. We arrange highly efficient shipping of goods throughout Asia, North America, Europe, Australasia and anywhere else – in fact, wherever you need your shipment. We operate high frequency sea and air services worldwide and are a market leader in logistics – we are the reliable freight forwarder by Bali – Indonesia.

Advantages Of Ocean Freight Over Air Freight

Air and ocean freight are two major methods of shipping cargos on international grounds. With increasing globalization and technology advancement, more opportunities have become available to businesses which help them in exploring a wide network of their consumers and in expanding. Transactions, unlike ever before, have become easier to make in the international market owing to the introduction of new communication tools.

Today, hardly any business can elude the inevitable activity of international shipping. For the same, they hire international shipping companies, which are on continuous rise owing to the fact that they perform this function perfectly. The best oversea shipping services are available with these firms. Though, a wide variety of shipping methods are available in the present era, only sea freight was used to ship products to different locations earlier.

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6 Benefits of Using Air Freight

Air freight is a perfect solution for transporting low volume and high value shipments. This type of transport is a practical choice for goods of all shapes and sizes, such as manufacturing machinery, automobiles, furniture, appliances and electronics.

Here are six benefits of using air freight:

Fast and efficient method

When you are looking to have goods shipped quickly to another destination, air freight is able to provide the best possible solution, and is significantly faster than road transport or sea freight.

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Pros and Cons: Air Freight Vs Ocean Freight

The two most common methods and probably the only two, used for international shipping are air freight and ocean freight. These are the choices you have when it comes to transporting goods, vehicles, and other cargo; be it for personal reasons or business. The difference between these two types of freight is not just the obvious one; one being by plane and the other via ship. There are a lot of factors that play a role in deciding whether to transport something via air or the ocean.

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How To Choose The Best Freight Forwarder Around Us?

Bali Intercont Cargo ready to export your goods to overseas destination.

Whatever you might be looking to ship, it’s important to go beyond simply searching ‘freight forwarders Bali’ and actually thinking through what each company can offer you at what costs. Finding the best forwarder will ensure you the best fit for your requirements, but where do you start when it comes to searching?

Work out what you need.

Working out what you need from a company before you go searching will make your search a lot easier. Try and determine to the best of your ability what type of transport you will need, which service or delivery type you might need, and just how much you plan to ship. Working this all out, or forming the questions you need to ask before you contact a forwarder can save time and keep the whole process far more efficient – and often get you better deals!

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Shipping Goods By Air Cargo

If you want to ship goods to a customer in another country or even another continent quickly, then air travel is the way forwards, with only very heavy goods being forced to be sent by road or sea.

Yet it is not always simple to send a cargo abroad by air. Firstly there are the local export laws that you will have to comply with, for example you cannot export key works of art out of the country without an export licence, nor as another example may you export certain forms of technology such as military related electronics.

However when sending a cargo abroad by air you may not even know that it is a restricted item that will not be carried by certain airlines, the problem occurs when, whilst you may have done some research and find that the airline shipping it from your country is fine to carry your cargo, you may not realise that this is only one part of the puzzle. The next airline in the delivery chain may not be prepared to take your goods, either due to their own regulations or country specific regulations.

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Choosing a Freight Forwarder – Information and Advice

Packing serviceA freight forwarder is an agent that arranges logistics and organises the transport operations for the shipments of consignments globally for companies or individuals. A freight forwarder is often not directly responsible for the cargo itself, but instead uses their specialist knowledge to arrange several haulage or transport companies and global shipping lines to transport the freight from A to B. Typical modes of transport a freight forwarder may use include ship, plane, truck or train transport. When planning to use a freight forwarder, there are several factors you should take into consideration before making your choice.

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Is it Better to Use Freight Forwarding Or to Do the Logistics Yourself?

Armada transportationsBy definition a freight forwarding supplier is a third party provider who takes care of all of the logistics involved in the shipment of goods from one place to the other. Your freight services provider will take charge of arranging for all of the carriers and transportation needed to get your goods to their ultimate destination. Typically, you would not use freight forwarding for a local or domestic removal as the logistics involved with such shipments are not as complicated as those involved with international freight – the same cannot be said for sending cargo overseas. When it comes to sending cargo overseas, it is best to rely on the expertise of a professional freight forwarder.

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How To Ship a Container Overseas?

Bali Intercont Cargo ready to export your goods to overseas destination.

There are several options in regards to shipping a container of cargo overseas. It’s not as easy as calling Fed-Ex to come and pick it up. In order to ship a container overseas it is best to have a freight forwarder or customs broker handle the shipment. They can make sure that an empty container arrives at the place of origin for easy loading.

In order to obtain international shipping rates you will need to know the dimensions of the cargo that you are shipping, quantity and weight. Once you have that information you can start getting quotes on sea freight. If shipping a full container, there are a few sizes to choose from.

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How to Locate an International Freight Forwarder

Bali Intercont Cargo ready to export your goods to overseas destination.

Locating an International freight forwarder is easy on the Internet. You can, of course, choose the traditional way of sourcing for contacts by looking up freight companies in print directories.

But surely, this traditional method can never beat the convenience and benefits offered by the Internet. Here is how you can locate the right freight forwarder quickly and easy.

Freight forwarder companies are often listed in various trade directories. From the perspective of these companies, being listed in such websites is a form of advertising. The more sites they are listed in, the more exposure they are going to get. That eventually leads to more leads, and more business.

So that is the first place you should start – trade directories. Trade directories usually list all the information you will need about a freight forwarder. For example, you can find information such as pricing, delivery time frame, and port of departure / arrival. You would probably be most concerned with the ports. Remember, different freight forwarders serve different routes. So be sure to contact one that will pick up the cargo from where you reside, and send it over to the port that you want your cargo to arrive.

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