Procedures for Export of Goods from Indonesia to Overseas

Export activity is a trading system that allows a person to trade cross-country. Currently the government is trying to increase foreign exchange by boosting the flow of goods exports. Export procedures are actually easier than import procedure procedures as there are now more rules on imports than on exports, especially for tax payment issues.

Here we detail the export procedures in a simple and easy to understand.

Export Procedure

Export Document Preparation:

P/L (Packing List) of production
Packing List received from the production department. In the packing list are listed PO/Order, Style, PI (Production Intern), quantity quantity (goods), then calculation of GW/NW. Once completed, the SI document (Shipping Instruction) is made and reconfirmed with the Merchandiser when the goods will be dispatched or can be asked directly to the Buyer.

SI (Shipping Instruction)
The SI document to the voyage in accordance with the information of the Buyer on the country of destination of the exported goods (based on L/C). The use of forwarder nominations or not (specified shipping is usually indicated on L/C, if payment by L/C). Or on request from the Buyer to use the designated voyage. This type of shipping bias is also left entirely to the sender by the Buyer. If using air delivery, then the calculation should be kilogram weight, whereas when using sea shipments calculated is measurement for container size.

Shipping by Air / Sea

Fiat Documents To Be Prepared:

  1. Commercial Invoice
  2. Packing List
  3. Copy of ETPTT
  4. SI
  5. PEB + COPY 10

Clearence documents that need to be prepared:

  1. Documents from the Regional Office
  2. Invoice
  3. Packing List
  4. Other documents, depending on the Buyer

Documents of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Trade

This document is important for clearance of goods in the export destination country. Without a document from the Regional Office of the Ministry of Trade, the exported goods are illegal and can not be dismantled.

Documents issued by the Department of Commerce Office are different for each country, such as:

  • United States (Visa, Form A)
  • Europe (Export Lisence, Form A, Certificate of Origin)
  • Malaysia (Form D)
  • Taiwan (Form B)
  • Canada (Form K)
  • Mexico (Anexo III, Form B. Can either or both depend on Buyer)

To obtain these documents, which need to be prepared:

  • Purchase Form according to destination country of Export and filled out
  • Application Letter
  • Commercial Invoice
  • PEB
  • B/L (bill of lading) from Sailing

For document processing at Regional Office, the process is completed within 2-3 days for shipping by sea, while air delivery process is completed within 1-2 days.

Air Document Delivery Process:
Documents must be held together with the goods, so documents are processed before the goods depart.

Sea Document Delivery Process:
Documents are processed after the goods depart, 7-10 days after the delivery of documents must be sent to the Buyer.

When Using Customs Facilities

Application to Customs by bringing:

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Customs installed disks containing the PEB data
  • PEB
  • PKB (Goods Preparedness Notice)

Applications should be submitted 2 days before the goods go into the warehouse or before the stuffing.

Load approval to be obtained:

    Goods can go directly along with documents from Customs without being inspected by Customs officers
    Before the goods we leave the Customs Officer dating to be examined goods to be exported and new bias dispatched along with the documents. If there is any change in the quantity or name of the carrier etc., it is used NOTUL from Customs. In NOTUL the changes are made.

Export of Goods to overseas has a promising prospect, especially in the field of agribusiness, Moreover Export Procedure is quite easy. Indonesia region rich in nature and minerals has the potential to absorb a lot of employment. But it would be nice if you do Export of finished goods so that the economic value is higher than raw materials. For your convenience we provide export management services. By using the services of Bali Intercont Cargo you can focus on your Business without being bothered with time-consuming exports and thoughts.

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