It is the quickest way of sending your shipments, being handled by a professional airfreight division team, with a strong network of contacts with the most important cargo airlines through the whole world, we provide the maximum flexibility and complete schedule of delivery options, meeting the time and prices for all the sensible demands.

Definition AIR FREIGHT / CARGO AIRLINECargo airlines (or airfreight carriers, and derivatives of these names) are airlines dedicated to the transport of cargo. Some cargo airlines are divisions or subsidiaries of larger passenger airlines.

Air Freight or Air Cargo is the fastest way to send your goods and our cargo is the right place to do an Air Freight. We are very experienced in Air Freight and our Air Freight division will be able to help you with your queries.

We have co-operate with a Airlines from different countries, so we will be able to send your goods to every part of the world by air with the best schedule and prices that will suit your needs.

Our Air Freight services are as follows:

  • Pick up of goods from your place to our warehouse.
  • Documents Preparation (Packing List, Invoices, Export Documents and other documents that is needed)
  • Goods Handling and Customs Clearance
  • Customized packing that will suit your goods and needs
  • Shipping

Rates are charged per kilogram and are calculated by gross weight or volumetric weight. (What ever is greater).