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KENDARI – PT Garuda Indonesia (GA) together with PT Pos Indonesia launched the Cargo Service Center at Kendari Branch Office, Tuesday (8/8/2017).

Regional Marketing Manager X Makassar Pos Indonesia Yonathan Barung said this cooperation has been implemented since last year. He mentioned if the city of Kendari is the 6th city that cooperates to open outlets Garuda Indonesia Cargo.

“And the first thing we work together is a trial at Post Office Makassar, then Luwuk (Banggai), then Ambon, and Manado and Gorontalo. And hopefully Palu will catch up later, “he explained.

Has great potential, it has long proposed the cargo service to accelerate and help the community and the government export natural products both sea and land. He hopes, Kendari Branch Office Pos Indonesia can give the best contribution for Garuda Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Vice President of Garuda Indonesia Area Kalimantan Sulawesi Maluku and Papua I Wayan Supatrayasa added if this is the 6th counter for Sulawesi, Maluku and Papua (Sulampua). Of course, this requires full support from the Provincial Government of Southeast Sulawesi and Kendari City Government. “This is a form of synergy of our SOEs to build the country,” he said.

Garuda has extensive access and network. By it, it hopes the public can take advantage of the network. He said that currently, Garuda serves three flights with cargo loads for 737 800 type aircraft for four tons and CRJ aircraft with a payload of one ton, and the plane from Makassar to Kendari can reach up to 200 kilograms.

“For the type of CRJ aircraft there are limitations with space (space). If the goods are many but light it is also problematic, “he added.

With the cooperation of Garuda and Pos Indonesia can help the government’s performance in exporting commodities to other regions in Indonesia. In addition, the targets to be achieved both can be met.

Meanwhile, Kendari City Secretary Alamsyah Lotunani and Assistant 3 of the Provincial Government of Southeast Sulawesi I Ketut Puspa Adnyana said this cooperation will be a lot of benefits, even more so to improve the welfare of the community.

Thus, efforts to improve the service delivery facilities and meet the needs of the community can be done. Considering, Southeast Sulawesi has potential in various fields such as fisheries, agriculture, and forestry for export. (A)

Translated by Aryaputra Pande

Originally posted on August 9, 2017 @ 9:57 am


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