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SOE Minister Rini Soemarno has since continued to emphasize the importance of synergy between SOEs. He believes that the synergy of SOEs not only opens opportunities for Indonesia to dominate the ASEAN market even in the global arena. It is also realized PT EDI Indonesia and PT Berdikari Logistics Indonesia (BLI).

Amid the increasingly tough business competition, especially in the logistics business, BLI, a subsidiary of PT Berdikari (Persero), is partnering with PT EDI Indonesia (EDII), a subsidiary of PT Pelindo II / IPC (Persero) to improve its services. Especially in an effort to reduce logistics costs by providing one stop services that include warehousing, transporting, and freight forwarding which is an integral whole. To realize such services, an integrated service is required. This is where the role of EDII in supporting BLI strategy.

For the initial phase, an e-Seal application will be used to secure the transport of goods from the port to BLI’s Temporary Shelter (TPS). In addition, the e-Seal application will be implemented as well for non-domestic transport purposes to the port. This is stated in the signing of the MoU by both parties at EDII Head Office, Jakarta (7/8/2017). This is a series of five other EDII products launched since late May 2017.

“We as a subsidiary of SOEs trying to cooperate with fellow companies in the environment of SOEs, in order to occur synergy and stronger between companies or subsidiaries,” said E. Helmi Wantono, President Director of EDII. And with this step is expected to work plan company can be achieved. Agus Subrata, President Director of PT Berdikari Logistik Indonesia agrees that Helmi delivered. According to him, as a company engaged in logistics, TPS services, land transportation, warehousing and inter island services, he believes that with the implementation of this cooperation it will be able to improve service to customers of service users of this company.

The next implementation, Helmi continued, is the implementation project of e-Seal, SCM, e-Commerce and other systems related to logistics. While the next step will be implementation of SCM and e-Commerce applications for ease of transaction and business process speed , Continued Helmi. Explanation of SCM and e-commerce. SCM application that will be implemented is Supply Chain Management application to support logistic process. While e-commerce applications that will also be implemented is a digital trading application that also contains transactions in the world of logistics.

Translated by Aryaputra Pande

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