Posted by on November 10, 2020

With the addition of 231,586 passengers and 3,058 flights in October the airport served 5,454,685 passengers and 46,761 flights in the first 10 months of 2020 compared to 19,996,928 passengers and 128,128 flights in the same period last year.

The number of passengers fell 73 percent or 14.542,243 and the number of flights dropped 64 percent or 81.367.

“In general, there was significant difference compared to the number of passengers and flights we served in the same period of 2019,” he said.

However, he was optimistic that the number of domestic flights will slowly but surely increase on account of positive trend in the past five months.

Just in nine days from October 21 to 31, 2020, the airport recorded a total of 53,259 passengers from 517 flights arrived at the airport. Meanwhile, a total of 39,713 passengers departed from the Ngurah Rai airport by 495 flights over the period of time.

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