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NUNUKAN ( – A number of entrepreneurs in the border area of ​​Sebatik Subdistrict, Nunukan District, North Kalimantan complained about the high tariff of the sea toll from Surabaya to Sebatik.

One businessman in Sebatik, Sekena said, to bring goods in the form of shoes as much as one sack he must pay Rp 1 million.

“The price of goods alone is not up to a million, but the tariff is Rp 1 million,” he said on Tuesday (14/08/2017).

The high tariff of sea toll boats is also complained of one of the building material entrepreneurs, Jambi. He brought 5 tonnes of material from Surabaya with a sea toll tariff of Rp 6,015,000. Whereas according to the rules, the sea tariff is only Rp 317,000 per ton.

“The count is the coolies and the transportation runs out Rp 3 million, but when paid even hit Rp 6 million,” he said.

Jambi added that the payment of the toll fee is also not accompanied by a note of payment details. Like when he paid the second freight fee for a second ship.

At that time, he found an awkwardness. Because the new sea toll bill receipt was given to him 20 days later. To pay 30 tons of building materials from Surabaya, he had to pay Rp 18 million.

In the note of payment, Jambi also found a difference in the amount of invoices received from the original receipt with the receipt of a copy he received.

“The amount we know but the name of the goods and the scales is not clear. How do we pay? And that there is a difference with the original receipt that had been given, “he said.

Meanwhile, the board of PT Lintas Samudra Mandiri, which takes care of the sea toll tariff at Sebatik Wharf, Andi admitted that the fees charged to the traders in Sebatik include container cost, coolie cost, and transportation cost.

According to him, goods under a ton will be charged the same freight cost as the cost of one tonne goods. While items weighing more than a ton will be overloaded.

“Subsidies remain Rp 317,000 per ton. Beyond that (more than 1 ton) I also demand. Less than 2 tons, it is calculated to hit 2 tons. One sack we still pay the container, “he said.

Nunukan Parliament came to Batu Sei Pancang Seaport to monitor directly the high cost of postage of goods through the sea toll boats complained entrepreneurs.

When meeting members of the board, the Head of Port Whispering Unit Seermancang Batu Juniasyah said, there is no provision of tariffs loading and unloading costs. Therefore, loading and unloading activities on the pier has not been crowded.

“We have not yet set the loading and unloading rates because they are not crowded yet. Here PKBM tariff was not in SK kan, “said Juniansyah, Monday (22/08/2017).

Related to the sea toll program, Juniansyah claimed to only supervise between the port (port to port) and oversee the debarkation and embarkation of the sea toll boats. While the cost of porters and freight costs are transferred to TKBM, the manager of the sea toll boats.

Juniansyah also claimed to have no authority over TKBM, although under the authority of UPP Dermaga Batu Sei Pancang Sebatik.

“No one has been watching. Kan he represents the owner of the ship, because later costs are collected later we met on the ship, “he said.

Hearing the explanation, Chairman of Parliament Nunukan Dani Iskandar will call the parties involved in the sea toll boats. This is done to overcome the complaints of high shipping costs through ship toll boats.

Sea toll boats are a program of President Jokowi to suppress the price disparity of basic needs in the border region.

“We will invite each of the representatives to the DPRD to resolve the issue. Do not let the program that should be able to suppress price disparity in the border area is more expensive, “he said.

Reported earlier, a number of entrepreneurs in the border area Sebatik District Nunukan district complained about the high cost of freight. Whereas the sea toll boats are subsidized by the government.

One businessman in Sebatik, Jambi said, to transport building materials imported from Surabaya weighing 5 tons he had to spend up to Rp 6.45 million. Whereas according to government regulation, the tariff of sea toll is only charged Rp 317.000 per ton. (Della).

DPRD = Regional People’s Representative Assembly

Translated by Aryaputra Pande

Originally posted on August 23, 2017 @ 9:22 am


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