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“This activity is a series of releasing exports of value-added and sustainable Indonesian products to the global market simultaneously, led by the President virtually from the state palace and the Indonesian Ministry of Trade from Lamongan, East Java,” explained Prof. Sidharta Utama, head of the Futures Trading Supervisory Agency. Commodity (Bappebti) Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia in Denpasar, Friday (4/12) afternoon.

At the same time, export products were released in 16 Provinces throughout Indonesia. “This activity involves 132 companies including non-UMKM and UMKM companies with a total export value of US $ 1.12 billion, which is likely to continue to grow,” added Sidharta.

Especially for the province of Bali, there is one company, namely PT Rimbun Alam Dewata, which dispatches local Balinese products and it is hoped that in the future there will be more products that can be exported and involve more private parties who can contribute to distributing local Balinese products. “Hopefully, exports during this pandemic can help the economy of the province of Bali which is very hard hit because of the slump in tourism,” he added, “The government will continue to encourage MSMEs in Bali to be able to penetrate the export market. The Ministry of Trade will continue to provide support and facilitation to local governments, ”said Sidharta.

Kadisperindag of Bali Province, I Wayan Jarta, said that the potential for horticultural products such as shallots in Bali is quite large and has the potential to be increased. Onion production in 2019 was recorded at 19,800 tons and the figure will continue to increase in 2020. “We hope that this export will excite the community, especially farmers, to cultivate shallots, with the aim of the export market,” said Wayan Jatra.

Besides shallots, Bali, according to Jarta, has local products that have entered the global market, namely 14 tons of cloves as much as Amsterdam (Netherlands), 5 tons of mangosteen to China, 500 kilograms of coffee to Dubai (UAE), and 5 boxes of wine. Bali to California (USA).

Chairman of PT Rimbun Alam Dewata Karel Ruing admitted that the opportunity to export agricultural commodity products like this shows that Bali also has another side besides tourism. “This is a good moment for Bali that there are other areas that can be put forward besides tourism. We are grateful to be able to take part in this activity. Thank you to the central and local governments who facilitate this. Without support, facilitation and regulation, even those who have the product cannot work. So we need a synergy between the government and business partners so that it can work, “said Karel.

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