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Export activity is a trading system that allows a person to trade cross-country. Currently the government is trying to increase foreign exchange by boosting the flow of goods exports. Export procedures are actually easier than import procedure procedures as there are now more rules on imports than on exports, especially for tax payment issues.

In import activities almost all goods subject to import duties and other taxes, while at the time of export more goods are not subject to export tax or exit duty. The export taxes imposed include exports of timber, rattan, and CPO (crude palm oil). For other export activities not currently subject to export taxes among other exports are fish, corn, banana, clothing, electronic equipment etc.

Export Procedure

Starting when the exporter prepares the goods to be exported by packaging, stuffing to the container until the goods are ready to be shipped. After the goods are ready and there is a schedule of ships that will transport the goods, exporters can file customs documents known as the Export Goods Notice (PEB). The PEB contains data of exported goods including:

  • Exporter Data
  • Recipient data
  • Customs Broker Data (if any)
  • Means of carrier to be transported
  • Country of destination
  • Detailed goods, such as quantity and type of goods, accompanying documents, No containers used.

After the PEB is submitted to the local Customs office, export approval will be granted and goods may be delivered to the port which may then be loaded onto the vessel or means of transport to the destination country.

Each PEB document is required to pay non-tax state income paid at the bank or at the local customs office. For the export tax amount each item is also different determined by the decision of finance minister.

Each item to be exported has its own rules depending on the goods. Eg for wooden goods, exported timber requires documents of Surveyor Reports, endorsements of the Wood Industry Revitalization Agency, for other goods in the form of minerals also exist which require to use surveyor reports.

For some goods belonging to the category of waste there are using quotas. For goods in the form of rice is required if domestic needs have been met and there is a license from BULOG. However, there are many exports that are without conditions or permits from related agencies, such as bicycle, plastic, syrup, shoe, cable, iron, steel, plastic toys, and others.

Understanding Procedure Export of goods in general is the activity of issuing / sending goods abroad, usually in large quantities for trading purposes, and involve Custom (Customs) both in the country of origin and destination country. Customs duty as supervisor of the entry / entry of goods in a country.

What about the Export procedure or mechanism if you are going to export from Indonesia to overseas? The following steps are commonly used in the export process:

  1. Find out in advance whether the goods to be exported include goods prohibited for export, allowed to be exported but with restrictions, or freely exported goods (According to Indonesian laws and regulations). To find out can be seen at
  2. Ensure also whether your goods are allowed to enter export destination countries.
  3. If you already get buyer, determine payment system, determine quantity and spec item, etc, then next you prepare the goods that you will export and the documents as agreed with the buyer.
  4. Conduct customs notification to the government (Customs) by using the Export Declaration of Goods (PEB) documents along with their complementary documents.
  5. Once your exports are approved by Customs, a NPE (Export Approval Memorandum) document will be issued. If it has been published NPE, then legally your goods have been regarded as export goods.
  6. Doing stuffing and shipping your goods using air cargo (air cargo), sea (sea cargo), or land.
  7. Insure your goods / cargo (if using CIF term)
  8. Take payment at Bank (If using LC or payment at the end

Export of Goods to overseas has a promising prospect, especially in the field of agribusiness, Moreover Export Procedure is quite easy. Indonesia region rich in nature and minerals has the potential to absorb a lot of employment. But it would be nice if you do Export of finished goods so that the economic value is higher than raw materials. For your convenience we provide export management services. By using the services of Bali Intercont Cargo you can focus on your Business without being bothered with time-consuming exports and thoughts.

To use Bali Intercont Cargo Export services, please contact us.

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