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Badung Tourism Promotion Board Chief Wants Regency to Purchase a Commercial Aircraft


The Tourism Promotion Board for the Regency of Badung (BPPD-Badung) in Bali is floating an ambitious plan to purchase an airplane to improve accessibility to Bali and generate a sustaining income for the Regency.

NusaBali quotes the chief of the BPPD-Badung, IGN Rai Surya Wijaya, who suggest that with the Regency managing its own aircraft the source of funds destined for the coffers of Regency would become more diversified and not solely dependent on tourism services. Wijaya made his somewhat surprising statement in a meeting with the Head of Tourism for Badung Regency and the Consul-General for the Republic of Indonesia in Mumbai, Saut Siringoringo in Bali on Monday, August 21, 2017.

Surya Wijaya believes that as a major tourism destination, the Badung Regency should own a commercial aircraft in order to bring more tourists to the Island. He added that the plane could be used to fly to destinations currently not served by existing airlines. By operating flights between Bali and India, the Regency, he insists, will generate enormous revenues for Badung.

“It’s just an idea at this time. If it can’t be done, maybe it could be done in the long terms. The income from tourism is big, so why shouldn’t Badung have its own aircraft. Just set aside 20% of the taxes to buy an aircraft,” said Wijaya.

The Secretary of the Badung Regency, I Wayan Adi Arnawa, compared Wijaya’s ambitions as resembling the sound of “clapping with only one hand.” He said the Regency’s administration is actually focusing its attention on improving infrastructure. Adding: “I am not bold enough to talk about this plan (i.e. the purchase of an airplane) because it represents a very large investment.”

Moreover, he said that any airplane would need professional management. “It’s not just about having enough money. If the plane does not have strong management, then it’s useless,” said Arnawa.

Arnawa said attention by the regency is dedicated to improving the Regency’s infrastructure, including the Airport. He said an extra runway to reduce congestion at the Airport is a much greater priority.

Not mentioned by the Secretary of Badung and the head of BPPD-Badung is how plans to purchase a single aircraft would work under current Civil Aviation Rules stipulating a minimum fleet of 10 aircraft and a management structure filled with qualified management with years of airline operations experience.

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