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5 Warning Sirens Installed in Villages at the Base of Volcanic Mt. Agung. Planes Ordered Not to Fly Over Mountain at Highest Threat Level.


The National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) has installed warning sirens on the slopes of volcanic Mt. Agung to be sounded when the mountain actually starts to erupt.

The first siren was installed at the religious temple of Pura Bale Agung in the village of Selat on Wednesday, September 27, 2017 located in front of the Selat police station.

Plans are to install a total of 5 warning sirens in various locations surrounding the mountain that is now under a “Level IV – Awas” alert signifying an eruption is imminent. The remaining four siren locations are in the Village of Kubu, the Tianyar Police Station and the Police Station in Rendang.

The Chief of BPBD in Karangasem, Ida Bagus Ketut Arimbawa, told Nusa Bali that the Early Warning System (EWS) are intended to warn surrounding areas that an eruption has commenced. Once the warning is sounded the sirens will continue to sound for a full two hours in order that anyone hearing them will immediately evacuate to a safe distance from Mt. Agung.

Arimbawa said EWS would also be installed at the Villages of Sega and Bunutan.

The sirens can be heard at a distance of 2 kilometers from the point of installation and will be sounded by officials who are in communication with the main command center in Karangasem.

“No-go” signs have also been installed at various locations warning people that they are in an area considered under threat should Mt. Agung erupt.

Officials for the Geological Agency for Volcanic Disaster Mitigation (PVMG) have ordered the evacuation to a distance of 9-kilometres from Mr. Agung’s peak, a distance that increases to 12-kilometers to the mountain’s north, northeast, southeast, south, and southwest.

Meanwhile, the PVMG issued an “orange warning” to the aviation community on Tuesday, September 26, 2017, that there is the potential of Mt. Agung exploding and sending debris and distance of 5-10 kilometers into the atmosphere and that aircraft should avoid flying over the mountain.

Bali’s Governor Made Mangku Pastika announced that Bali remains a safe destination for tourism, although reminded travel agents not to sell trekking packages to Mt. Agung. The Governor said that even in the Regency of Karangasem where Mt. Agung is located there are 64 from a total of 80 tourist objects still considered safe for tourist visits.

Pastika said that in the event of an eruption, Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport could continue to operate normally, depending on the prevailing wind directions at that time.

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