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Garuda Indonesia aircraft is at terminal 3 of Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Tangerang, Banten, Monday (11/26/2018). – JIBI / Paulus Tandi Bone, JAKARTA – Garuda Indonesia Group considers that air cargo or air cargo mail (SMU) rates are currently in accordance with the costs that must be incurred by the airline so there will be no adjustments even though the avtur price has dropped.

VP of Corporate Communication of Garuda Indonesia, Ikhsan Rosan, said that the increase in tariffs for Senior High School some time before had been adjusted to the costs incurred by the airline so that it could not be lowered.

“Because the price of the cargo tariff is lost, now it has been adjusted to the cost of capital. Our Avtur price has been adjusted at the price of the ticket price, if the price of cargo must be adjusted [upward] because the previous price was too low,” he said during Business contact Thursday (02/21/2019).

The choice, he continued, had considered the market and the company’s ability to transport cargo to meet costs.

Ikhsan explained that the consideration was a step so that the company would not experience losses, because cargo flights were still not the main focus of Garuda Indonesia. According to him, the contribution of revenue from the cargo ranged from 10% -15% of total revenues.

Cargo, he said, utilizes aircraft hulls that are not so large, to fill the void of passengers. He explained, on average in one flight, cargo only reached 3 tons.

“I want to say that in the past, in general, the amount of cargo revenue was 10% – 15%, the price of the cargo was actually a quotation mark compared to the passengers we were transporting, not so big, the cargo was still in the belly of the plane,” he explained.

Meanwhile, he was reluctant to comment on the rates installed by express delivery services and the high school fees he charged.

Translated by Aryaputra Pande


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