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Chairman of the Association of Express Delivery Service Company, Post and Logistics Indonesia (Asperindo) Mohamad Feriadi (right), gave a presentation accompanied by Vice Chairman Budi Paryanto, during a visit to Wisma Bisnis Indonesia in Jakarta on Monday (20/3). – JIBI / Dwi Prasetya

JAKARTA – Chairman of the Association of Express Delivery Service, Post and Logistics Indonesia (Asperindo) Mohamad Feriadi asked operators regulated agents to review the matter of tariff determination.

“At least we want to be cost-reasonable, do not have a profit element because it is managing a private element may be reviewed, or indeed if deleted will be very good,” he said on Monday (2/7/2018).

In addition, he said RA should be managed by the government. “This should be the responsibility of the government (public service) and should not be delegated to private companies whose orientation is definitely profit making business,” he said.

He sees the RA tariff that Rp500-1000 per kilogram will affect the shipping costs are fully borne by consumers.

“Any additional cost is not borne by the care services, but returns to the consumer in our selling price,” he said.

On the other hand, the high tariff RA set will make the competitiveness of national products depressed. In fact, national products must be able to compete to penetrate the international market.

“Our competitiveness is decreasing because of the RA tariff, even though this is actually talking service, how to make the goods in Indonesia is marketed to abroad, not only in the country,” he said.

“But because of the cost of this RA tariff makes the additional cost so that our competitiveness becomes down because of this,”

Nevertheless, he continues to encourage the operators of the privately run RA to lower tariffs in order to not only emphasize the advantages.

He hopes that the struggle that is being fought to suppress the cost of RA will be sweet to all parties. “Because this will be good for all, whether it’s customer or shipping service, will also make competitiveness increase,” he said.

Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC


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