Posted by on December 17, 2020

JAKARTA – Indonesia finds it difficult to get empty containers due to unequal competition in international trade. The reason is, shipping to the United States (US) is more attractive than internal Asia.

Chairman of the Indonesian Logistics Forwarder Association (ILFA) DPP Yukki Nugrahawan Hanafi explained that currently the scarcity of export containers in Indonesia is one of the results of trade to the US which is considered more attractive.

“International shipments are strongly influenced by USA trade, butter and bread shipping industry is the transportation to the US with a large profit, while intra-Asian transportation is less profitable, so that in order of attraction the transport is going to the US, Europe, then intra-Asian transportation,” he explained to Bisnis, Monday ( 14/12/2020).

Furthermore, the decline in global trade, including US export activities, has resulted in the shipping industry rationalizing costs by delaying shipping, plus imports by the US that are not balanced with their exports have resulted in container shortages in the US, resulting in a global shortage of containers, including Indonesia.


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