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According to the Director of KPLP, shipping activities carry the risk of a disaster that can threaten the safety of ships and human lives, one of which can be due to incorrect procedures or procedures for handling dangerous cargo on shipping.

“For this reason, it is necessary to make efforts to improve the quality of supervisory officers at UPT to be more competent in carrying out duties in the field as supervisors of dangerous goods loads, one of which is through Technical Guidance activities,” said Ahmad during a briefing at the Technical Guidance on Procedures for Monitoring and Handling of Cargo Dangerous, Tuesday (22/9/2020).

The KPLP Directorate as the Competent Authority and as the Technical Directorate which is authorized and responsible for handling dangerous goods activities, he expressed, continues to be committed to making efforts to improve human resources for supervisors as well as receiving input on the Revised Regulation of the Minister of Transportation concerning Handling of Dangerous Goods which is currently in the discussion stage.

He said, there were several ship accidents that occurred due to the cargo of dangerous goods.

“For example, the Hanjin Pennsylvania Ship accident on November 11, 2002 which resulted in 2 deaths, the Hyundai Fortune Ship accident on March 21, 2006 which resulted in US $ 80 billion in material loss or the Nurr Allya Ship accident due to solid bulk cargo on August 31, 2019,” he explained. .

According to Ahmad, these accidents can be used as a lesson that the task of controlling the cargo of dangerous goods is not easy.

“Hopefully the supervisory officers at the UPT can continue to improve their competence and keep abreast of the changes in the handling of Dangerous Goods regulations, both the IMDG Code and the IMSBC Code so that ship accidents due to dangerous goods can be minimized,” he concluded. (omy)

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