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Transportation of goods by air is one of the most common choices for companies that need quicker conveying. Transportation of goods by air is a suitable option when the transfer of goods is urgent. Freight forwarders can assist you through the complicated air freight process. They not only help in picking a carrier but also arrange paperwork of the entire national as well as international air freight transaction. They also help coordinate the plan from pick up, warehousing, docking to delivery. They are committed to offer faster transit times and have a wide area network of carrier and service choices.

Air freight shipping services

Choosing the right freight forwarder for the air freight will automatically ensure that you will receive the best services and rates while getting dedicated customer service. They have good relationships with other air and sea cargo carrier agencies and airlines through all the routes in most of the countries all across the world in order to successfully transport goods.

Whether the air freights needs to be served immediately or must be consolidated, their international freight experts put together the perfect plan to choose from. They also offer the fastest transit times available with their global air service and can even arrange overnight delivery to certain destinations. They offer cost-effective supply chain and warehousing solutions for their worldwide customers and getting the global air freight where and when one need it. Freight forwarders provide the ideal balance of time, space, frequency and cost for their customers.

Value added services offered by Freight forwarders:
1. Air Express Service, high priority (24 hours)
2. Value Service to any Destination, economic & timely
3. Door to Door & Airport to Airport service
4. Worldwide delivery

Sea freight shipping services

Bali Intercont Cargo ready to export your goods to overseas destination.

Sea freight shipping can be the most economical solution for the shipments that need to be transferred around the world. However, overseas freight shipping can be a time-consuming procedure but could be worthy when the shipping companies offer port-to-port and door-to-door delivery. Freight forwarders can ease the burden of handling bulk material and conveniently handle and manage all the sea freight material. Through their broad range of experience in the field, they provide complete transportation solutions for freight shipping requirements. Sea shipping services also guarantees to reduce the cost to transportation for all container freight.

The local delivery experts work with the customer to book capacity and track their shipment anywhere anytime to ensure the goods arrive as and when needed. For smoother transactions delivery experts provide full container load (FCL) and partial container load (LCL) cargo services to their customers.

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    No matter how you transport your products, you need to be absolutely sure that they arrive in the intended condition and meet all relevant requirements. The Rhenus Group conducts an additional shipment inspection to offer you a professional review of the quality, quantity, labelling, packaging and loading of your air freight and help you to meet quality standards, technical specifications and contractual requirements.

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