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The location of CCTV is on Site Bukit Asah, Kab. Karangasem, BALI

The image of Gunung Agung will be seen quite clearly in the morning to evening time (between 06:00 – 18:00 WITA) during sunny weather.

Jakarta – Not only the government, various elements of society flocked to provide assistance following the eruption of Mount Agung in Bali, one of Telkomsel.

Operators identical to this red color provide assistance via live video monitoring from CCTV on their BTS (Base Transceiver Station).

The watch video is broadcast through Balinusra’s Telkomsel YouTube account. In total there are two monitoring videos uploaded, namely from Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation Center, Rendang Village, Karangasem and from Bukit Asah site, Karangasem.

As is known, Mount Agung has been bererupsi since last week and issued smoke as high as 6,000 masl. The government also raised the status of ‘Alert’ to ‘Watch out’. Explosions and bangs are heard up to a 12 kilometer radius.

With this ‘Awas’ status, BNPB (National Disaster Management Agency) establishes a safe radius of 10 kilometers from the crater of the mountain. Residents in 22 villages were urged to evacuate. BNPB even set up three disaster-prone locations.

“The dangers of a hot cloud temperature of 800 degrees Celsius.If the lava is full in the crater, he can get out of the slope can cause a hot cloud or lava flow with a temperature of 1200 degrees Celsius,” said Head of Data and Human Information BNPB Sutopo Purwo Nugroho in a press conference on Monday (11/27/2017).

The villages that enter this area are Pidpid, Nawakerti, Datah, Bebandem, Jungutan, Buana Giri, Tulamben, Dukuh, Baturinggit, Ban, Sukadana, Menanga, Besakih, Pempatan, North Young, Amertha Buana and Sebudi villages.

Below is CCTV Bali Agung Volcano Activity Monitoring.

Location CCTV 1 is on Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation.
Ds. Rendang, Kec. Rendang, Kab. Karangasem, BALI

More information regarding Gunung Agung’s activity status can visit the following link https: // …

CCTV monitoring
Supported by Telkomsel and Telkom Indonesia


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