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JAKARTA – Sriwijaya Air Group airlines will increase the Surabaya – Denpasar flight from 30 October 2017.

Corporate Communications Manager of Sriwijaya Air Group Agus Soedjono said the additional 1-a-day flight will be served by Sriwijaya Air by Boeing B737-800 NG.

Agus said the plane departed from Surabaya at 18:50 pm and arrived in Denpasar at 20.50 WITA.

“The next plane back from Denpasar at 21:35 pm and to Surabaya at 21.50 pm,” said Agus through a press release on Monday (23/10/2017).

The additional flight makes the frequency of Surabaya-Denpasar PP flights served Sriwijaya Air Group to 2 times per day. Previous NAM Air has flown the route once per day.

Besides Surabaya-Denpasar, Sriwijaya Air Group will also add direct flights from Surabaya to Pangkalan Bun, on the same day, October 30, 2017.

Flight from Surabaya departed at 13.30 WIB and up to Pangkalan Bun at 14.45 WIB. While from Pangkalan Bun plane depart at 11.30 pm and until Surabaya at 12:45 pm.

This additional flight increased the number of Sriwijaya Air Group flights from Surabaya – Pangkalan Bun PP to four times a day.

Still on the same date, Sriwijaya Air Group will also open a direct flight of Pangkalan Bun-Jakarta. From Pangkalan Bun, the plane departed at 15:15 pm and until Jakarta at 16:35 pm.

This flight will increase the frequency of Pangkalan Bun-Jakarta flights to five times a day.

Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC


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