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To improve the security of cargo transport services by air traffic, and overcome the problems that occur, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation Ministry, on Thursday (25/08/2011) announced it will implement a regulated agent at Soekarno Hatta Airport effective from 4 September 2011.

Originally rule security checks on cargo and mail was postponed from the application on 16 August 2011. The delay is done to better prepare infrastructure and traffic flow of vehicles in warehousing.

Application of RA is considered necessary in order cargo shipments can obtain security guarantees, as well as to improve the efficiency of cargo shipping costs. In addition, for cargo and mail that have been examined by the company RA examination facilities located outside the airport can be directly received by the carrier / airline without Investigations more security at airports.

Application of RA has been through a consideration of the ideal conditions for the inspection of cargo and mail, which must be done by a business entity independent, specialized business activities in the field of security screening of cargo and mail, so as to increase the effectiveness of the inspection of cargo and mail in order to guarantee the security and safety of flight ,

Another consideration is the presence Warehouse Freight Line I Soekarno Hatta as a restricted security area (security restricted area), means that the cargo has been placed in the first line of the cargo has been inspected safety and ready to be dispatched (ready for carriage) by the airline.

Regulated Agent is an Indonesian legal entity conducting business with the air transport business entities to obtain permission from the Director General to carry out security checks on cargo and mail.

RA is based on the application of the Director General of Civil Aviation Regulation No. SKEP / 255 / TW2011 April 21, 2011 on Cargo Security Inspection and the Post The Transported By Aircraft.

Three Company Now, there are three companies that have been licensed as RA, namely PT Duta Angkasa Prima Cargo is located in the area of ​​cargo Soekarno-Hatta and Bandung, PT Fajar Anugerah Semesta located in the industrial area Cibitung, Cikarang (for known consignor / shipper); and PT. Ghita Avia Trans located in Mangga Dua, Rawa Bokor and the cargo area of ​​Soekarno-Hatta.

While companies that have applied are as many as 11 companies, namely PT Wahana Senareksa (RPX), PT Birotika Semesta (DHL Express), PT Padjadjaran Global Service PT. Gapura Space, PT Jasa Angkasa Semesta, PT Pos Indonesia, PT Restu Mitra, PT Cardig Logistic, PT Wahana Aerospace. PT Surveyor Indonesia and PT Angkasa Pura II.

Of the 11 companies that have applied for the three companies are ready to be certified in the near future is Birotika PT Semesta (DHL Express) located in Slipi; PT Pajajaran Global Service which is located in Kelapa Gading; PT. Angkasa Pura II (Persero) located at line 2 (duty free warehouse) cargo area of ​​Soekarno-Hatta.

With a capacity of 34 x-ray machines spread across multiple locations, as well as with the distribution of the allocation of cargo handling / post evenly on each facility inspection of RA that have been certified, as well as improved coordination with the relevant parties, including in terms of tariff setting optimal and reasonable, expected full implementation of RA at Soekarno-Hatta on September 4, 2011 could be implemented effectively, efficiently and smoothly.


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