Posted by on December 10, 2020

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TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Director of Sea Transportation Traffic of the Ministry of Transportation, Antoni Arif Priadi, said that the scarcity of containers for exporters must be utilized by national shipping companies. Moreover, national shipping is currently experiencing an excess supply of transport ships.

“Sometimes exporters are also egotistical in not wanting to support national shipping companies. They want to find it easy, so sometimes exports use the term FOB [free on board], so importers overseas decide the ships,” he told Bisnis, Wednesday, December 9, 2020.

He assessed that it is time for exporters to negotiate using an agreement that the exporter determines at his own expense, or a Cost, Insurance and Freight [CIF] agreement, which means that the offer price from the exporter to the buyer includes the price of goods, ship costs, also includes insurance.

Thus, domestic insurance companies and national shipping will benefit. That way, he said, when there is a problem such as a scarcity of containers, it can be anticipated because the shipping company used belongs to Indonesia.


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