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By suaracargo – Jul 31, 2017

The Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) Workers Union is scheduled to hold a strike action on 3 to 10 August 2017. This is due to one of the factors being the bonus received by employees in 2016 decreased by 42.5% compared to the bonus in 2015. The decline was due to JICT’s PBT (Profit Before Tax) decreases from USD66.3 million in 2015 to USD44 million in 2016. To anticipate the action, PT JICT claims to have prepared a number of anticipatory measures in order to remain able to serve all its customers.

According to President Director of PT JICT Gunta Prabawa, to ensure the smooth process of loading and unloading activities and the flow of goods at the Port of Tanjung Priok, PT JICT already has contingency plan. This emergency plan in order to maintain service to customers.

“It is hoped not to strike disrupt the activities of imported goods,” said Anton in his written statement, Jakarta, Friday (28/07/2017). Anton added that this action would also be a bad precedent if other countries are aware of the strike of harbor workers in Indonesia. “Do not let the flow of export and import goods disrupted. Indonesia has gone international not to spread (bad news) abroad, “he continued.

Anton further affirmed the effect of the strike on investment and business climate because the port is a vital object of the state. The strike by SP JICT must remain within the corridor of the regulation and remain conducive. Responding to the problem, Anton suggested to sit together SP-JICT with the management of JICT. The effort to sit together should be followed by making collective agreements and with time benchmarks. “Our country is already transparent and democratic, so it’s better to sit together to discuss the problem. Everyone will be able to watch the results, “he said, as reported by


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