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JAKARTA – PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III (Persero) adds the power of its production equipment in the form of 8 units of Harbor Mobile Crane or HMC. The addition of such facilities to provide services to port service users.

The procurement of eight HMC units was carried out by a subsidiary of Pelindo III, PT Berlian Jasa Terminal Indonesia (BJTI Port), imported from Germany and transported separately in the form of spare parts / parts to be re-assembled. Of the 8 HMC, 4 units have a capacity of 100 tons and four others with a capacity of 125 tons.

President Director of BJTI Port Putut Srimuljanto said three HMC units have been imported, while three units will come in December 2017 and two other units will come in February 2018.

“Currently, two units are ready to be operated in our work area and another unit is ready to be operated in December 2017, therefore today HMC operates to know the working system and movement of this loading tool,” he said in a press release on Friday (10 / 11/2017).

Furthermore, he explained that in addition to improving the productivity of container loading and unloading at the Diamond Terminal, the addition of the tool is intended to optimize its own loading and unloading facilities as a gradual development effort to improve service and accelerate the production and flow of goods.

“All these efforts are done to improve services to service users and we hope with the addition of loading and unloading tools can improve domestic container services to be more efficient and effective,” said Putut.

Meanwhile, Pelindo III also delivered four tugboats to PT Pelindo Marine Service as its subsidiary in the field of ship services.

The delivery of four tugs (KT) units, among others, KT Jayanegara 401 capacity 2×2400 Horse Power (HP) and Bollard Pull 60 tons; KT Jayanegara 301 capacity 2×1500 HP and Bollard Pull 35 tons; KT Jayanegara 308 capacity 2x1800HP and Bollard Pull 40 tons; and KT Jayanegara 309 capacity 2×1800 HP and Bollard Pull 40 tons.

After submission, we will introduce the specifications, features and maintenance mechanisms from the manufacturer to the user.

CEO Pelindo III IG.N Askhara Danadiputra or Ari Askhara said the introduction was aimed at the transfer of knowledge from shipbuilders to officers who operate the vessel.

KT Jayanegara is equipped with the latest technology in its class. KT Jayanegara uses Unattended Machinery Space (UMS) class notation which facilitates the ship’s crew to monitor the ship machinery condition, thus reducing the number of tugs from normally 7 people to 4 people.

“If conventional tugboats usually have engine crews who must be ready in the engine room, the amount can be 3 or 4 people, in KT Jayanegara function engine crew replaced with existing systems in the UMS,” explained Ari.

The existence of KT Jayanegara will assist the operation of some tugboats that already exist before the tugboats Bima series, Anggada, Anoman, and Subali. The technology on the tugs is far behind with the current technology.

This often impacts on the availability of tugs in providing port services in harbor managed by Pelindo III.

Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC


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