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About Gunung Agung’s Activities, This Public Relation Response Ngurah Rai Airport About Vona Changed Orange

MANGUPURA – Great volcano erupts phreatic eruptions with a height of smoke reaches 300 to 700 meters on Tuesday (21/11/2017) afternoon at 17:05 pm this time.

PVMBG Volcano Great Volcano released the status of Volcano Observatory Notice for Aviaton (VONA) and his latest status is now an orange.

Responding to the status of VONA turned into orange, Communication & Legal Section Head of I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, Arie Ahsanurrohim said, Vona so orange still not affect the airport activity, but we pay special attention to it.

“Vigilance and update our developments intensify to all levels and partners at the airport,” he said.
I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport is still running normally.
Latest, PVMBG monitors that Gunung Agung again showed significant volcanic activity.

Post Officers monitor the continuous tremor for more than 1 hour.
“Tremor is already more than 1 hour and is still going on,” said Head of Sub-Field of Mitigation Monitoring of Eastern Volcano PVMBG, Devy Kamil Syahbana, Tuesday (21/11/2017).

Devi reveals, the phenomenon of tremor (harmonic) of Mount Agung that occurred in this continuous tempo just happened the first time.

Mount Agung declared eruption on Tuesday (21/11) afternoon at around 17:15 pm. This condition makes people flocked to the Post Monitor Mount Api Agung in the Village / District Rendang, Karangasem.
Many residents wondered, related to the eruption of Mount Agung which produces a dark smoke as thick as 700 meters.

Head of Post Monitor Mount Api Agung in Village / District Rendang, Karangasem, god Mertayasa asserted, the eruption that occurred against Mount Agung is a phreatic eruption.

The eruption is sourced from the water of the crater, the impact of the rise of magma observed since October 22 last.
The heat of the rocks plus the high rainfall around the crater, triggering the dense smoke containing volcanic ash which is sourced from material around the crater. Marterial is caused by fractures in the crater of Mount Agung is getting bigger

He also asserted, the phreatic eruption indicates the magma closer to the surface. PVMBG was last recorded the activity of magma is in 2-4 Kilometers from the crater of Mount Agung.
“The eruption of Mount Agung was a phreatic eruption, whereas seismicity has not indicated the occurrence of magmatic eruption,” explained God Mertayasa.

Nevertheless, the God of Mertayasa asks the people especially on the eastern and southeastern slopes of Mount Agung to remain vigilant.
Given the wind direction brought volcanic dust particles of Mount Agung eruption towards East and southeast of Mount Agung.

“This kind of eruption in the future is likely to happen frequently, it is still external, not directly from magmatic activity, but people on the eastern and southeastern slopes of Mount Agung to remain vigilant, because the coral dust is flying in that direction,” explained Dewa Mertayasa. (*)

Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC


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