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Protection … Workers cover a plane engine with a plastic sheet in their attempt not to be damaged by volcanic ash at Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali.

JAKARTA – In connection with increased eruption of Mount Agung activity since 26 November 2017 and published “Notification to Airman / Notam No. A4242 / 17 closure of Ngurah Rai International Airport Bali, then all Garuda Indonesia flights from and to Bali & Lombok until today (28/11) again canceled.

The cancellation of flights in Lombok and Bali is in line with the company’s commitment to prioritize the safety aspects of aviation operations, particularly considering the distribution of volcanic ash which is very risky to aviation safety.

In a press release, they mentioned with the cancellation of the flight, then at least there are 117 Garuda Indonesia flights that will be canceled after the increased volcanic ash eruption of Mount Agung volcano.

The flight from and to Bali that affected was 49 arriving flight and 46 departing flight. Meanwhile flights to and from Lombok are affected by 11 arriving flights and 11 departing flights.

Thus the total Garuda Indonesia flight affected since the increase of volcanic ash eruption of Mount Agung on Sunday (26/11) until tomorrow, Tuesday (28/11), is 223 flights consisting of 183 flights to and from Bali, and 40 flights from and to Lombok.

In connection with the situation, Garuda Indonesia also provides alternative land routes by providing bus for passengers affected in Surabaya who want to continue the journey to Denpasar

Garuda Indonesia Corporate Secretary VP Hengki Heriandono said, “In connection with the increased eruption of Gunung Agung activities, we have also prepared a contingency plan for handling affected aviation – including handling passengers by ensuring passengers’ rights can be well accommodated”.

With this force majeure situation, all Garuda Indonesia passengers who have flight tickets to and from Bali and Lombok, in this case affected by the cancellation of Garuda Indonesia flight schedule due to volcanic ash spread from Gunung Agung are given the option to change the flight schedule ( Reschedule), extend the validity of the ticket up to 6 (six) months after the occurrence of force majeure, change the route of travel (Reroute), rename and apply only 1 (one) replacement only, or to perform “full refund” in accordance with the provisions of apply.

Garuda Indonesia will continue to monitor the situation and developments related to the activities of Gunung Agung, especially the activity of the spread of volcanic ash that can disrupt flight safety. Garuda Indonesia flight from and to Bali & Lombok will be served again after the volcanic ash spread from Gunung Agung eases and returns in normal situation.

Garuda Indonesia also encourages passengers to reassure the contact number or e-mail address stated on the ticket so that we may contact in case of any change in flight.

“Considering the situation, Garuda urges passengers not to go to Bali or Lombok Airport until further notice,” said Garuda Indonesia Corporate Secretary Hengki Heriandono, VP of Corporate Secretary, in a press release.

Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC


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