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Budi Karya Sumadi as Minister of Transportation targets Pelindo III to complete the reclamation and increase the capacity of passenger terminal at Benoa Harbor in October 2018.

In his working visit to the Port of Benoa, Bali, Friday (22/12/2017), Menhub Budi Karya said Pelindo III has only ten months to complete the construction of the cruise terminal in welcoming the IMF World Bank Annual Meetings 2018 in October next year.

“There will be more than 17,000 people coming in October and the entourage will definitely take the time to sail, cruise or yacht,” said Budi.

Meanwhile, the IMF World Bank meeting is the world’s largest gathering of economics and finance, presenting the Central Bank Governor and Finance Minister from 189 countries in October 2018.

Therefore, the Port of Benoa is cleaning itself to be ready to welcome guests of countries who will visit Bali using cruises.

Budi explained that passenger terminal capacity will be increased fivefold from 69 thousand per year to 320 thousand passengers per year, so it must be well prepared.

“October 2018 is at least docked for passengers, new docks and the terminal building is complete,” he said.

The MoC also added that the construction will begin in January 2018. The Port Authority and the Port Authority (KSOP) of Benoa Port are also required to cooperate by not making regulations that make the development hampered, even providing recommendations on the plans undertaken by Pelindo III.

About reclamation, Budi asserted should be done with caution because the more priority in this development is the arrival of passengers, which is related to the capacity of the terminal is improved.

“I see for the terminal may be implemented, reclamation must be careful so I suggest to do phasing things that need and relate to passengers take precedence,” he concluded. (HYS / Ant)

Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC


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