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The N219 aircraft specifically designed for mountainous areas of Papua is expected to support the Air Bridge program in accordance with Presidential Regulation no. 70 of 2017 on the Implementation of Public Service Obligations for the Transport of Goods From And To Disadvantaged, Remote, Outermost and Frontier Areas and a solution to open accessibility and connectivity of remote and lagging regions in the mountains of Papua.

N219 aircraft can reach areas with hilly georafic conditions with short runways and not prepared. N219 aircraft can be a solution to open accessibility and connectivity of the region’s leading, lagging and outlying in the mountains of Papua and West Papua, so that the Government’s single price program can be realized.

“The N219 aircraft will mobilize community activities in the region of Papua, economic activities and mobilization of citizens are expected to run smoothly,” said Elfien Goentoro, President Director of PTDI in a release received by Tribune on Monday (2/10/2017).

N219 aircraft with a maximum load that can be transported as much as 2.313kg can distribute logistics to airports where the runway construction is still a solid even grassy and rocky ground with a runway length of less than 500 meters in the hilly area.

N219 aircraft can take off and land on short and unpaved airport runways such as Merdey Airport, West Papua with the runway construction still in solid soil and having a runway length of 600 x 23 meters at an altitude of 300 MDPL.

In his direction, the Minister of SOEs stressed that PTDI should be able to complete the N219 certification process in September 2018 and subsequently commercialize the new aircraft.

“In this case many potential synergies between SOEs can be done by realizing an integrated air toll. I ask Pelita Air to be the first customer of N219 as evidence of synergy between SOEs “, said Rini.

Translated by Aryputra PandeBIC


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