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JAKARTA – PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) or Indonesia Port Corporation (IPC) will boost export cargoes in line with the opening of direct voyage (direct call) from Tanjung Priok Port. The increase in export cargo is expected to contribute to the company’s 10% container flow growth target by 2018.

President Director of IPC, Elvyn G. Masassya said since 2017 Tanjung Priok Port has been serving direct calls to the United States and Europe with a vessel with a capacity of 8,000 TEUs. Now, Tanjung Priok arrives larger ship, the CMA CGM Tage measuring 10,000 TEUs, following the Salalah APL ship with a capacity of 10,642 TEUs that have stopped on 3 May 2018 ago.

Elvyn said, the presence of a giant ship has pulled cargo from outside Java to stop at Tanjung Priok before being exported abroad. To that end, IPC is focusing on consolidating cargo from outside Java to Jakarta. “We expect Tanjung Priok to be a transhipment port so domestic cargo is better collected here than to Singapore because it can be cheaper,” he explained after the release of CMA CGM Tage ship exports on Tuesday (15/05/2018).

Elvyn said, the cost of shipping containers with direct call more efficient US $ 300 per container for the size of 40 feet and US $ 100 for the size of 20 feet. In addition, travel time reaches 24 days, faster than delivery without direct call which takes up to 32 days.

Meanwhile, the CMA CGM Tage ship docked in Tanjung Priok recorded loading and unloading 4,290 TEUs. The amount consisted of 2,385 TEUs loaded cargo and 1,905 TEUs of unloaded cargo.

The cargo that the Maltese-flagged ships carry from different regions; such as frozen fish from Bitung; electronic goods from Surabaya; furniture and footwear from Semarang; rubber and paper from Medan; as well as garment, tires, shoes from Bandung and Jabodetabek.

Elvyn said other shipping companies are also interested to bring a giant ship with a capacity of 14,000 TEUs to Tanjung Priok. “We are exploring with others, with 14,000 TEUs planned for mid-June coming,” he said

Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC


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