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Great God Almighty, Almighty God who gave the most beautiful gift for the nation of Indonesia in the form of lifting the ban from EU Flight Ban (EU Flight Ban). The good news came in the evening of Idul Fitri 1439 H / 2018 M today Thursday afternoon (14/06 Brussels time) in which the EU officially issued Indonesia from the EU Flight Safety List.

This means that all remaining air carriers (airlines) Indonesia, totaling as many as 55 airlines are eligible allowed to fly to the EU.

“Praise be to Allah Almighty, Lord Seru Sekalian Alam who has bestowed his grace on the nation of Indonesia, especially in the aviation sector. On this good day the EU flight ban officially opened for Indonesian flights. This is the most beautiful gift we’ve had for 11 years since we were in the tire in July 2007, “said Director General of Air Transportation Agus Santoso.

Agus stated that in addition to gifts from Allah SWT this is also the result of hard work of the struggle of all Indonesian aviation stakeholders, especially Regulators and also aviation operators and the public and all flight stakeholders under the captain of DGCA as the national aviation regulator.

In addition to the Indonesian Nation, Agus also presents this gift to President Joko Widodo as the top supreme leader of Indonesia who has given instruction and encouragement and trust Minister of Transportation Budi Karya in our struggle open the EU flight ban.

“For two years we are fighting for it. Once we are able to increase our category from the US Aviation Authority (FAA) to Category 1. Then we also succeeded in increasing the USOAP effective implementation value of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) which consists of 192 countries with high Indonesian values โ€‹โ€‹of 80, 34 in 2017 . And now, the EU flight ban is also lifted. Really this is a continuous struggle with extraordinary results, “he continued.

Agus also stated that the results that have been achieved have great benefits, trust is the belief that the world has strategic value that will generate a positive multiplier effect on Indonesia.

“We are now truly in the ranks of the world’s aviation elite. Naturally we also have a great moral responsibility. The first of course we must be able to maintain and improve continuously the level of safety, security and comfort of national aviation services. For that I invite all national stakeholders to keep bekerjakeras and cooperate closely. Furthermore, we also have a responsibility to the international world where we also have to help other countries improve their safety and security level with good cooperation pattern with slogan no country left behin, “Agus continued.

As is known, the EU has applied flight tires to all airlines and aviation authorities Indonesia since 2007 ago.

In a press release today, quoted by the Indonesian Embassy in Brussels, Violeta Bulc, EU Commissioner for Transport stated, “The EU Air Safety List is one of our main instruments to continuously offer the highest level of air safety to Europeans. I am especially glad that after years of work, we are today able to clear all air carriers from Indonesia. It shows that hard work and close cooperation pay off. I am also satisfied that we have a new warning system to prevent unsafe aircraft from entering the European airspace. ”

This EU decision is the result of a long series of Government of Indonesia efforts. Previously, the European Union has gradually issued several Indonesian airlines from the EU Flight Safety List in 2009, 2011 and 2016 individually within a period of 10 years only release 7 airlines. Now with the new policy Jokowi government encourages the regulator to play an active role as a motor of complete improvement, then in 1 year managed to pass regulator as well as 55 airline operators. This is the success of working together in harmony, “Agus added.

The EU has also conducted an EU Assessment Visit to Indonesia from 12-21 March 2018. The results of the comprehensive evaluation are then discussed at the meeting of the Air Safety Committee in Brussels on May 30, 2018 which was attended by the Government of Indonesia and three airlines representatives from the homeland of Wings Air, Sriwijaya Air, and Susi Air.

As a country with huge aviation industry potential, this EU decision is a form of confidence in the aviation authorities and Indonesian airlines.

The lifting of the flight ban for a total of 62 Indonesian airlines is a form of EU recognition to the Government of Indonesia in improving flight safety in the country. This EU decision is expected to be a driver to continue to improve flight safety including in supporting the trade industry, tourism throughout the territory of Indonesia, which will impact on national economic growth.

The Foreign Minister congratulates and welcomes the lifting of the ban.

“The lifting of the flight ban for all Indonesian airlines is a form

recognition of the European Union to the Government of Indonesia in improving the safety of aviation in the country. This EU decision is expected to be a driver to continue to improve flight safety including in supporting the tourism industry throughout Indonesia, “said Ambassador Yuri and Foreign Minister.

In the spirit of partnership, the Government of Indonesia also welcomed the cooperation offer submitted by the European Union and several EU member states to continuously improve the safety of aviation in the country.

Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC


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