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JAKARTA – The system of export licensing services at the Ministry of Commerce based electronic through Inatrade portal has been disrupted since February 28, 2018.

The existence of disruption of the Ministry of Trade’s Inatrade system resulted in the submission of export goods licenses (PEB) submitted by the exporting company and through its proxy in Tanjung Priok Port can not be served.

“I have received the info that the interruption has occurred since February 28, 2018. Incidentally today we have the filing of the PEB document, but it was true and we experienced the online service of export permit for the restriction restriction [lartas] in Kemendag through Inatrade can not respond,” said A. Tjetjep Zahrudin, President Director of PT Tenders Marine Indonesia (TMI), one of the logistics and export management companies in the Port of Priok, on Tuesday (6/3/2018).

He pointed out that the interruption in the Inatrade system caused export activities to be delayed, which could hurt exporters and factories.

“We have been repeatedly since morning until this afternoon try contacting the Inaugrade service center caal at the Ministry of Trade, but there is no response and only the automatic machine voice answered from the telephone line,” he explained.

Tjetjep hopes that the relevant agencies in this case the Ministry of Trade will not close their eyes and immediately find solutions to overcome the disruption of Inatrade online service connected to the Indonesia National Single Window (INSW).

Tanjung Priok Port Authority Head Arif Toha Tjahjagama said the Inatrade system is a domain of the Ministry of Trade.

“If Inaportnet is a Kemenhub domain and currently there is no problem, each instnasi has responsibility,” he confirmed business (6/3/2018).

Meanwhile, the Indonesian National Shipowners Association Board of Jakarta Raya (INSA Jaya) Sunano said the Inaportnet system in Tanjung Priok is still not 100% perfect due to many complaints from INSA Jaya members in the field due to frequent trouble.

“Inaportnet also involves dukomen service in and out of the activities of the ship, but if you have trouble, can be done manually,” he said.

Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC


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