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Officers refueled avtur on one of the commercial aircraft at Adi Soemarmo Airport Apron, Boyolali, Central Java, Monday (12/6). – Antara / Aloysius Jarot Nugroho, JAKARTA – The Association of Indonesian Express, Post and Logistics Shipping Services Company (Asperindo) considers that the decrease in avtur prices should also be lowered.

Asperindo Head of Transportation and Infrastructure, Hari Sugiandi said that the airline should also reduce the price of its air cargo rates because Pertamina had reduced its avtur prices.

“Avtur should go down, the tariff will also go down, but it has gone up now. When this [airline] loses, the cargo starts to empty, because our products are not possible senders via flights,” he explained to Bisnis (2/21/2019).

He said that so far the courier service helped MSMEs by giving credit when the businessmen made high-priced deliveries express shipping services became unable to do so.

In addition, Hari said there are two things that make express shipping services burdened in addition to the increase in the price of air cargo or air cargo (SMU) rates.

First, the choice of the airline to participate in opening a business or divesting its business by providing shipping services such as Lion Parcel choosing Lion Air Group and Go Express owned by Garuda Indonesia Group.
According to him, the presence of this airline’s courier service makes competition among shipping services unhealthy, because when serving shipments, airlines tend to prioritize their shipping services.

He continued, should the courier service be allowed to remain the work of Asperindo and the airline positioned itself as a service provider.

Secondly, efforts to open to the public regarding air cargo rates compared to the shipping prices charged to courier service customers.

According to him, there is certainly a price gap between high school tariffs and the selling price of courier services to customers, because the high school tariff is only 30% of the total production cost, so there are still other production costs.

“Tariffs managed by flights cannot be equated with Asperindo member courier services because there are other requirements. Pick up fees, packing costs, handling costs, RA, are costs,” he said.

Translated by Aryaputra Pande


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