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JAKARTA – The air cargo letter (SMU) is still the largest cost component for the express delivery business.

Managing Director of PT Citra Van Titipan Kilat (Tiki) Tomy Sofhian said that in the goods delivery cycle from the starting point to the end there are nodes that incur costs such as courier fees, sorting, high school, until delivery.

SMU is necessary because in the express delivery business that requires speed, air transport is always the main choice.

“SMU is one of the biggest cost contributors, because at every point there is cost and the biggest one is in the center [the airport],” he said on Sunday (15/10/2017.

Therefore, in order to more cost efficient Tiki boost the volume of goods delivery. The reason, the air cargo price depends on the volume. The bigger the volume then the cheaper the price.

Tiki also selectively choose airline partners. Tomy explained that the company is looking for airlines that can provide cheaper price and good service.

“In the sense of not often delay, because of our responsibility from pick up to send.Although in the middle of wearing other parties, we are still responsible,” he added.

Concerning the high tariff SMU also several times touched on by the Association of Express Delivery Service Company and Logistics Indonesia (Asperindo).

DPP Chairman Asperindo Mohamad Feriadi said in the determination of shipping rates, the percentage of SMU reaches 30% of the total shipping costs.

The high cost of SMU makes the freight forwarder difficulty in reducing the price, especially the delivery of inter-island goods. Moreover, most goods are sent out of the area using airplanes.

It is also recognized by Country Head Ninja Xpress Indonesia Indra Wiralaksmana. According to him, SMU is a cost component that is not small. Indra even mention the percentage of cost of SMU to the total cost of delivery can reach 60%.

Therefore, he hopes the airlines can lower the high school tariff, given the huge volume of inter-island and intercity package shipments every day.

SMU is basically a letter of receipt in the form of a document as physical evidence of an agreement for air delivery between the cargo carrier and the carrier, with the authority of the right of the cargo receiver to take the cargo.

The document is obtained through an agent designated by the airline to sell SMU. For domestic flights some of them are Lion Air High Agents and agents of Sriwijaya Air High School. As for overseas shipments through Malaysian Air or Singapore Airlines SMU agents.

Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC


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