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The number of foreign tourists visiting Indonesia will certainly be more massive. Therefore, accessibility to Indonesia is increasing. Latest, Emirates airline will increase the route of Dubai (United Arab Emirates – Denpasar (Indonesia) – Auckland (New Zealand) .The flight will be on June 25, 2018.

“Starting June 25, 2018, Emirates will add flight routes with EK 450 flight numbers from Dubai – Denpasar – Auckland. And vice versa with flight number EK 451 (Auckland – Denpasar – Dubai), “said Deputy of Marketing II Ministry of Tourism Nia Niscaya, accompanied by Assistant Deputy Marketing Development I Regional IV Australia and Oceania Kemenpar Adella Raung in Jakarta, Saturday (23/6/2018 ).

Nia added, this year Kemenpar targeting the arrival of 17 million foreign tourists, as many as 1.35 million foreign tourists from Australia. This target rises about 200 thousand compared to last year as many as 1,188,449 foreign tourists. Meanwhile, the target of foreign tourists visiting from New Zealand this year is expected to increase significantly compared to last year. That is 100 thousand foreign tourists.

“Hopefully with this flight can increase the number of foreign tourists visiting from Australia and New Zealand to Indonesia this year,” said Nia Diamine Adella.

As is known number of foreign tourists visiting from Australia and New Zealand to Indonesia this year is projected to increase, this is partly because of the direct flight (direct flight) by two airlines namely; Air New Zealand, which made flights to Bali in April-October and Emirates which began flying from Auckland-Denpasar-Dubai on June 25, 2018.

“The nature of the flight is daily flight, but the new Emirates gets a quota of flying for the Winter Season (March – October), targeted summer season quotes (October – March) gained next year,” Adella said.

Flight route Dubai – Denpasar – Auckland will be served with Boeing 737-700 ER. With 8 seats for first class, 42 seats for business class and 304 seats for economy class.

“Emirates’s goal is quality, not quantity. That’s because getting rights for 5th Freedom, Emirates can bring passengers while transiting in Bali. So it is estimated to have the potential to bring foreign tourists on this route ie foreign tourists from Dubai or other countries that transit in Dubai to Denpasar. Then foreign tourists from New Zealand to Denpasar, “he said.

With a fleet of over 265 aircraft, Emirates flies to more than 155 destinations in over 80 countries worldwide. More than 1,500 Emirates flights depart from Dubai each week to destinations on six continents, and a growing network.

The tourism minister, Arief Yahya, welcomes Emirates flights from Dubai – Denpasar – Auckland. This is because the focus of Kemenpar in 2018, With the direct flight of course product sales after branding and advertising success in the previous year will be easier.

“Bali is very precisely sold. Dubai and New Zealand as it is their favorite destination. Sales mission activities, adding to my optimism of foreign tourists visiting Australia and New Zealand this year rose, “said Menpar.

Minister Arief Yahya also mentioned, its domain conectivity is not in Kemenpar. But the collaboration has been done with Kemenhub, Airlines, Airnav, and Angkasa Pura and various masakapai in the world.

“Air Connectivity or air access, should continue digeber. Capacity or seats capacity continues to be enlarged, “said Minister Arief Yahya. (IMN)

Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC


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