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Lamong Bay Terminal Port – Surabaya

JAKARTA – The period of goods and containers (dwelling time) in a number of import export container terminals managed by Pelindo Indonesia (Pelindo) III as of January 25, 2018 averaged 5.4 days.

The average dwelling time at container terminal managed by Pelindo III was surpassing dwelling time at container terminal managed by Pelindo II at Tanjung Priok Port in the same period of 4.9 days.

Director of Operations and Commercial of PT Pelindo III, M.Iqbal, said that the condition of dwelling time in the container terminal environment managed by BUMN was due to licensing issues from the agencies and export-related export business, so the containers have not been issued by the consignee from the port.

“From our side of loading and unloading is fast and there is no problem, Port only contributes about 6% of the total dwelling time,” he told Bisnis on Thursday (25/1/2018).

He stated that when it was confirmed about the high dwelling time figures at import export container terminal run by Pelindo III at the beginning of this year, among others, at Lamong Bay container terminal (TTL), Semarang Container Terminal (TPKS) and Surabaya Container Terminal (TPKS) TPS).

Based on the dowsboard dwelling time data of INSW, as of January 25, 2018, dwelling time in Semarang Container Terminal reaches an average of 7.05 days with the number of containers accumulate as many as 11,898 boxes, TPS Surabaya 4,86 ​​days (28,230 boxes) and Teluk Lamong Terminal 5 , 08 days (6,523 boxes).

The Dwelling time at Pelindo III container terminal was higher than the dell-time port of Priok managed by Pelindo II which reached an average of 4.9 days with details in the Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) of 5.3 days and the number of containers stacked as many as 42,744 boxes, Koja Contain Terminal 4.8 days (23,797 bokss), New Priok Cintainer-One (NPCT-1) 4.1 days (22,488 boxes) and 3 Priok buses averaging 5.3 days (74,814 boxes).

Iqbal said that currently the imported container red container service activities which are mandatory for physical inspection or behandle at container terminal run by Pelindo III currently take an average of 8 days from the previous 6 days.

“The contribution of Pelindo III as port operator is only on stevedoring, cargodoring and receiving delivery and gate operation which only takes about 30-40 minutes per container,” he explained.

He also said the level of ship service productivity in the terminal also improved in the TPK Semarang and TPS Surabaya an average of 55 boxes / ship / hour (bsh) and at the terminal Teluk Lamong 75 bsh.

“If from our side as port operators, loading and unloading services is fast and there is no problem, which needs to be addressed related to dwelling time is only a matter of licensing related to other institutions and institutions,” he said.

Dwelling time calculation has been measured by pree clearance, custom clearance and post clearance indicators.

Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC


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