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Tourism stakeholders who are members of Bali Tourism Board (BTB) discussed the latest condition in BTB office, Renon, Denpasar.

DENPASAR – Minister of Tourism (Menpar) Arief Yahya yesterday came to Bali and want to know the current condition of Mount Agung and the condition of tourism in Bali.

Since Monday (18/12/2017) at 06.00 Wita, Arief together with tourism stakeholders joined in Bali Tourism Board (BTB) discussed the latest condition at BTB office, Renon, Denpasar.

“We discussed a number of things, one of them about the plan to promote Bali massively. This was prompted by a government decision declared by the Coordinating Minister of the Ministry of Home Affairs on December 15 that Bali status is now Waspada (Level II) except the area which is 8-10 km from the center of Gunung Agung. So we change the status, “said Arief.

With this alert status, he said, then the tourism industry can promote Bali on a large scale.

Because, if the status is still Caution, then ethically not allowed to do massive tourism promotion.

He asserted, this status change was obtained from the Coordinating Minister for the Ministry of Luhut B. Panjaitan.

“So PVMBG reports to his head, and his head reports to the ESDM Minister, and the ESDM Minister reports to the Coordinating Minister for the Environment. Why the Coordinating Minister for Home Affairs? Because the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources under the coordination of Coordinating Ministry of Marine Affairs. The Ministry of Tourism also asked the Minister of Tourism what he wants, “Arief explained to the media after a closed meeting.

But beyond that issue, he ensures better service to the tourists ahead.

“All the mitigations we think about. Do not worry, I’ve thought about it, “he asserted. Regarding the info of mitigation chaos, especially the handling of foreign tourists whose flights are canceled due to Ngurah Rai Airport closed due to eruption of Mount Agung on 26 November, Arief admitted that future mitigation is being discussed.

He acknowledged, mitigation eruption of Mount Agung on 26 November that there is still imperfection.

“For example about the accommodation (stay at the hotel), we actually appeal on that day free (free), and the second day the hotel give a discount. Most hotels followed our appeal, and that was good. But there are also those who do not follow or still collect hotel rates to tourists who delayed their return because the airport was closed. Well, hotels that do not give free according to appeal Kemenpar should not dipilh again by guests, “said Arief Arief

Arief revealed, most hotels follow the appeal was good.

“Well that does not follow no longer selected (as a place to stay while in Bali),” he added.

“Both access, we will ask the Kemenhub B plan, if it happens then there is an integrated operation between Bali Airport, Lombok, and Banyuwangi,” he explained.

He hopes Friday will be a meeting, and the minister of transportation (MOC) present set up mitigation plans in terms of transportation.

Especially in the granting of access and transport tourists who canceled flight to Lombok and Banyuwangi Airport.

“For example, from the airport transportation to the airport can be facilitated, and about the funds we have discussed. So if it can be funded by Badung regency for the provision of free transport for foreign tourists to the nearest airport, namely to Banyuwangi or Lombok, “he said.

The total amount of funding is estimated to be around Rp 46 billion, originating from either the district, provincial or central government.

“This fund is for land transportation,” he said.

About Bali status Waspada, said Arief, it is for recovery, because it has been announced the status of Bali is at level II not at level IV.

The budget is a total of Rp 100 billion for promotion, and more in the form of selling.

“With selling is expected to promote direct selling, eg 40 percent discount, 50 percent discount,” he said.

Thus, more hard selling, and done both to the domestic and international tourist areas.

As for Chinese tourists, who later canceled all his visits to Bali due to an eruption, Arief said that his party will soon meet with the Chinese Consulate General in Bali. “Actually they will come again if the travel warning is revoked,” said Arief.

Travel warning, he explained, comes from the status of Awas (IV) Gunung Agung.

“The logic should be down or revoked travel warning. If it does not go down, I will go to China and immediately meet the Chinese tourism minister to explain Bali’s current condition, “he said.

Chinese tourists are quite big drops, even almost zero to Bali.

If successful diplomacy with Chinese Consul General, Arief hopes January 2018 tourists from China will come soon.

“Travel warning can be extended by China, but strange if extended. The Indonesian government has lowered Bali’s status to level II and this is almost normal, “he said.

Bali’s own target for the number of foreign tourists arrivals (tourists) is 5.5 million people.

But Kemenpar targets Bali to reach 6 million foreign tourists this year 2017.

“Until October is good, has 5 million foreign tourists. Average visit per month about 500 thousand foreign tourists. So it should reach 6 million, because I projection in December should Bali arrival already 750 thousand foreign tourists, “he said.

However, due to the eruption of Mount Agung, he estimates that foreign tourists visit Bali only 5.5 million to close the year.

Meanwhile, for 2018, Arief Yahya targets Bali will be visited by 7 million foreign tourists.

“The target should not go down, despite the status of Gunung Agung in 2017. Because we are still inferior to other countries, Malaysia is 25 million foreign tourists, Thailand 32 million, Bangkok alone beat Bali, because visited by about 18 million. Though Bangkok is a city and Bali island, far more complete and far more dalma any thing Bali than Bangkok, “he said.

Total national loss (loss) of tourists due to eruption of Mount Agung is 1 million people, and 1.2 billion dollars or about Rp 15 trillion potential income was floating.

For Bali alone, the loss due to Mount Agung eruption is around Rp 250 billion per day.

“Start eruption until the end of the year approximately 36 days, so about Rp 9 trillion Bali losses only. If the national loss of about Rp 15 trillion, “said Arief.

But he saw the visit was already getting good, and today’s report has reached 11 thousand people arrived at Ngurah Rai Airport, compared to the previous which only 3,000-6,000 arrivals per day after the eruption.

“The number of domestic tourists to Bali is 1.5 times that of foreign tourists. A total of about 9 million people, “he said.

Mountain Stay Away

Meanwhile, Gunung Agung activity report of observation period from 18: 00-24: 00 pm on Monday (18/12/2017) showed that the smoke of the pressure crater was observed white and gray with a thick intensity and height of 1,500 meters above the top of the crater.

Observed ray of fire or glow from Post Monitor in Rendang, which come from CCTV Pos Rendang and CCTV Post Batulompeh ..

There was 19 times the blast with amplitude 4-17 mm, and the duration of 35-80 seconds.

Volcanic shallow amounted to 6 times with amplitude 3-8 mm and duration of 10-20 seconds. While the continuous tremor (microtremor) recorded with amplitude 1-2 mm (dominant 1 mm)

In conclusion, the activity of Gunung Agung is still at Level IV or Awas. Status Level IV (Awas) is only valid at a radius of 8-10 km from the top of the mountain. Outside the area the activity can run normally and still be safe. (*)

Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC


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