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JAKARTA – Bali-based logistics company, PT Khrisna Group is targeting Benoa Harbor as a warehouse location of bonded logistics center or PLB.

President Director and CEO of PT Khrisna Group Anak Agung Ngurah Mahendra assesses that the existing facilities and infrastructure in Benoa Port are adequate for the hub and regulared agent locations of the Krishna logistics service. It is hoped that it will be able to encourage more aggressive distribution and bring Indonesian products into the international market, “he said on Monday (9/4/2018).

To note, Khrisna became one of 11 companies that get permission PLB since 2016. PLB-managed special stockpiles of goods supporting small and medium industries. In general, goods stockpiled in PLB are not subject to import duty and are subject to tax incentives.

For expansion of PLB, Khrisna signed a partnership with PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III (Persero). Pelindo III President Director Ari Askhara said PLB management is conducted in a bonded logistics area at the warehouse location or a special field of bonded areas.

Meanwhile, Warehouse Logistics management is implemented outside the area of ​​bonded zone with the type of commodity as per customer demand. “For now, the work area for the management of a bonded logistics center and logistics warehouse will be conducted at Benoa Port Bali,” he said.

Previously, Pelindo III also cooperated with China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) in the development of Benoa Port. CCCC will work on the convention center and fish market in the Port of Benoa, Bali.

Ari said the two properties to be built CCCC would be a source of revenue in the long-term company to cover the investment cost of development of Benoa Port of Rp1, 7 trillion. According to Ari, CCCC has its own business unit that handles meetings, incentives, conferencing, exhibitions or MICE so as to create market demand from its own business group or captive market.

Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC


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