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Illustration – loading and unloading activities at Tanjung Emas Port in Semarang, Central Java. – Between / Aditya Pradana Putra

JAKARTA – In order to increase the LPI (Logistics Perfomance Index) and EoDB (Ease of Doing Business), the Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (ALFI) expects Smart Port or Smart Ports system to be sharpened.

In addition, the system is expected to be used by its members to bring ease to the era of digitalization.

“The development of the Smart Port system connectivity will provide access to more than 53 ocean ocean routes with an unlimited ship arrival date and unlimited vessel of 130 countries linked to Japan, US, Canada track and trace container manifest,” said DPP ALFI Chairman Yukki Nugrahawan Hanafi quoted on Tuesday (6/3/2018).

Meanwhile, other benefits connect Yukki, users can order the destination slot of the ship along with filing documents submission. According to the plan, Smart Port system will be prelaunch at the end of March or at the latest beginning of April 2018.

“The Smart Port system will be accessible through the ALFI website which is currently being developed to be more communicative. A series of trials is also underway before the system can be launched by the end of March 2018, “he said.

Furthermore, Yukki criticized the lack of coordination of the government related to the implementation of PM 120/2017 on the delivery order service electronically (delivery order online) for imported goods at the port.

He considered there are still parties who run the system partially. In fact, according to him, integration is a system that will bring convenience for the government and logistics business actors.

Integration, he said, is a necessity that will bring convenience to the government and logistics business actors which will certainly be a reference source of data for the government for the purpose of port and logistics efficiency.

“[All] depends on whether the government wants to maximize this system or just dwell on bureaucracy and regulation.”

Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC


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