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Tanjung Priok Port

JAKARTA ( – The Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (ALFI) is disappointed with Pelindo II ujuk ujuk wanting to launch Container Freight Station (CFS) Center.

Whereas in a meeting with Pelindo Branch of Tanjung Priok some time ago ALFI asked Pelindo II to present first in detail the concept of CFS Center, said Sekil Alfa Jakarta Adil Karim, Tuesday (3/10/2017).

The presentation of CFS Center concept of Pelindo II is important for ALFI. Due to the less then Container Load (LCL) import business actors targeted by Pelindo II will fill the CFS Center member forwarder of ALFI.

ALFI as an association needs to know whether the CFS Center Pelindo II has accommodated the needs of what LCL businessmen yet? Is the tariff structure appropriate? “Until now we never know. Because never presented, “said Adil Karim.

ALFI assess CFS Center called it will be launched in October is still premature and impressed only impose the desire to warehouse warehouse Pelindo II can be filled. Because during this Forwarding less interest in using the warehouse.

According to Adil Karim, if we want to improve the business pattern of warehousing sector should invite stakeholders in the discussion and if necessary study comparative study. “Never met once considered to have done socialization,” said Adil.

Meanwhile, Chairman of BPD of All Indonesian Importers Association (GINSI) DKI, Capt Subandi said Pelindo II has never socialized CFS Center to GINSI.

“I deny the statement of Director of Operations and Information Systems Pelindo II Prasetyadi said CFS Center has been socialized to related associations. Because GINSI as an importer association has never been talked about CFS Center, “said Subandi.

“GINSI until now still reject the existence of CFS Center because we do not know what the concept,” said Subandi contacted separately.

Previously Director of Operations and Information Systems Pelindo II Prasetyadi said the Container Freight Station (CFS) Center facility at Tanjung Priok Port is in final check stage and is expected to be launched in October.

Prasetyadi said that his office has conducted socialization to associations such as ALFI, GINSI and other related associations on the construction of CFS Center facilities.

Translated by Aryputra PandeBIC


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