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JAKARTA – Three private shipping companies have a big chance to calm the auction of Sea Toll operators in the five routes opened by the Ministry of Transportation.

Based on data auction electronically quoted, Wednesday (21/3/2018), PT Pelayaran Tempuran Emas Tbk. become a strong candidate as the winner of the auction in three routes. While PT Mentari Sejati Perkasa (Mentari Line) and PT Meratus Line are each estimated to win one route.

In the evaluation of the auction results, Temas Line is perched on the top spot for the T-9, T-10 and T-11 routes. In the auction electronically, Temas Line is even set as the winner although until now Kemenhub has not officially announced the winner.

Temas Line’s Corporate Secretary, Marthalia Vigita said that based on the evaluation of the auction, Temas Line does occupy the top of the list. “There are three participants in T-9, not yet determined winner,” he told, Wednesday (21/3/2018).

In the notes, in 2017, Temas Line also won the auction one stretch of the seven routes are auctioned. At that time, Temas Line worked on the T-4 route with the Surabaya-Baubau-Manokwari route.

On the other hand, Mentari Line became the operator auction winner on route T-7. Last year, Mentari Line won three routes, namely in T-1, T-2, and T-10. Meanwhile, Meratus Line also won the T-12 route auction with the Surabaya-Saumlaki-Dobo route.

Overall, Kemenhub opened 15 Marine Tolerance routes this year. A total of six routes have been given to PT Pelni (Persero) through an assignment scheme and two other routes assigned to PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero).

Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi previously said that private participation in the Sea Tolerance program has created a climate of competition.

He reasoned, based on the incoming offer, the private bidding price is quite attractive. “The price difference is very good, 40% more efficient,” he explained.

Budi Karya said that the company is also targeting the realization of 30% reverse payback this year. The operation and hub and spoke pattern applied this year is expected to stimulate cargo flow from Eastern Indonesia (KTI).

In 2017, the realization of Sea Toll transport is fairly low. The realization of Sea Toll transport only reached 212,865 tons or 41.2% of the target of 517,200 tons. Meanwhile, the realization of backlinks even reached only 20,274 tonnes or only 9.52% of the cargo departs.

In addition to the pattern, operation, Kemenhub also changed the subsidy scheme into a container-based to be on target. Kemenhub will limit the quota of ship loading space to prevent monopoly of loading space. Overall, the total subsidies that were disbursed for the Tol Tol reached Rp447, 62 billion, up 33% of the subsidy allocation in 2017.

Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC


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