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DENPASAR – The Ministry of Energy and Human Resources (KESDM) is monitoring the field after the establishment of the status of Mount Agung to level IV alert.

This field monitoring was conducted to see the preparation, and how the scenario of supply of aid if later on Mount Agung erupted. This was stated by the Head of Team of ESDM Siaga Bencana, Satry Nugraha when met on Tuesday (3/10/2017) night at Gunung Agung Observation Post, Rendang Village, Karangasem.

“We are here to see EMR’s readiness in the event of a disaster, so the scope of EMR’s duty in helping the disaster, I coordinate here, especially the scope of ESDM such as gas, oil fuel, electricity, is the need for clean water, that’s what we focus on, and trying to synchronize scenarios in case of disaster, “he explained.

The man, who is also a staff member of the ESDM Minister for Environmental and Spatial Planning, said that he had coordinated with the BNPB to share the task of distributing the relief supplies if the eruption occurred.

“We have also coordinated with BNPB, how will it be in the field if this disaster happens, who picks up what, where is the post, where it is stored, such as BBM, how it is supplied from the sea or land, so we make scenarios like that,” said Satry.

He said a number of scenarios in the distribution of aid had been designed to anticipate the occurrence of disasters. Both scenarios of land, sea and air routes. “All the scenarios we gradually collect, to be better prepared in the face of disasters, we mean to weigh up the scenarios as we do, we mature with BNPB, and then what kind of coordination bupati.

“If anything happens, if it is impossible to use air lines. Can be from sea and land. Distribution can be from Surabaya to Banyuwangi nyebrang, or can go directly to Tanah Ampo port, “said Satry.

Asked, a number of aid distribution scenarios were prepared whether to reflect on other areas that had been hit by disasters such as, during the eruption of Mount Sinabung.
“Yes, we are talking about it, for example in Sinabung like this, but not the same, at least in the way of disaster management in Sinabung, earthquake in Padang, and Mount Merapi we make a lesson,” said Satry.

With the current conditions, it states, the supply of assistance is still safe.
However, the focus for now is the supply of gas from clean water in refugee camps.

“If the condition is still like now we can not, the supplies are still as normal, maybe we need to talk about gas supply in refugee camps, kerosene is rarely here.Supply the road continues as usual, only the poor is the refugee. We are now making clean water sources at some points of refugee posts, “added Satry.

He also revealed, has held a meeting with several stakeholders in Jakarta, related to the handling of communities when a disaster occurs.

“Now it is organized and coordinated, everyone says that they are ready to help, what kind of shape is it needed, what kind of scope of EMR is that which regency is the Ministry of Social Affairs, so I focus more on EMR scope alone,” he explained.

Asked how much supply and stock of supplies to be prepared.
He can not confirm the number, because it still see the conditions and conditions in the field.

“For the supply of aid such as gas and others, we do not know what kind of situation in the field.Is the way it breaks, the litrik cable breaks out.At least the emergency response is like what is available umbrella before the rain For stock we do not know yet, and we do not know how old, it could happen for a year.It should be anticipated what kind, “he said. (*)

Translated by Aryputra PandeBIC


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