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Container park at Benoa Port – Bali

Air freight method is a newly-introduced method of international shipment, whereas sea freight is a primary method. Ever since air freight came into existence, it encouraged world trade while paving a way for greater levels of import/export for numerous countries. Nevertheless, experts have been concerned about environmental sustainability when it comes to air cargo, which has put this method of transportation in question.

Even the road transport method is dicey in terms of environmental sustainability and thus, it is suggested that one considers the advantages of sea freight once again, which probably outdo the benefits provided by other options of shipping. Some of these are:

Cost-efficiency – The cost incurred by sea freight is, first of all, reasonable and lower as compared to both the other options. The reason being that fact that sea transportation method demands lower consumption of fuel than the other methods. Also, these can ship any size load easily with the help of the wide variety of containers available with it. Not only is this method efficient in terms of cost, but also on grounds of safety of the goods being transferred.

Environmental ramifications – A considerable environmental benefit is closely associated to lower amount of fossil fuel combustion promised by sea transportation. The fuel consumption is dramatically less whether you compare the same to that consumed in air freight or road freight. Sometimes, short sea shipping service providers bring into use the rail transport, which also ensures reduced emissions. This cut in carbon footprint lets the freight forwarders deliver on their sustainability commitments.

Tempo – Though, sea freight is a bit protracted as compared to air or road transport, it may still come out as the fastest freight technique when it comes to shipping goods from one nation to another. Since, the containers to be shipped through air freight take a long time to process and get loaded which reduces its overall efficiency to reach faster at the destination. On the other hand, sea freight allows goods to easily load and is even eco-friendly.

To conclude, sea freight has been an all-time best international freight technique, which may continue to be the best down the road. This method of shipping is flexible and allows transportation in safe, secure and timely manner. Companies that usually need to import or export goods must prefer this shipping method before they take into consideration any of its costlier counterparts, be it air freight or road transport.

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Translated by Aryaputra PandeBIC

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