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Having cargo delivered by air transport is one of the most convenient solutions nowadays, especially if that cargo is supposed to cross borders, seas, even countries. However, it is important to know, too, that cargo transported via aircraft has risks. One is also bound to lose that cargo if he does not take extra steps to ensure that it stays on track and it is delivered where it is supposed to be delivered to.

The Risks Associated With Transporting Cargo Via Air Transport

First and foremost, here is the question: why is delivering cargo via air transport risky? To answer that question, there has to be a clear vision of what exactly happens to cargo when it is transported via air carrier. Here is what happens: the cargo gets hauled into the cabin that holds all the other cargo. Once the air carrier gets into the intended location, all the cargo will be thrown high up into the air into a sort of mechanical feeder which kind of presents all the cargo in the airline on to the passengers of the plane or to those waiting at the airport lobby. Now, chances are there will be human error involved; the one in charge of transporting the cargo at the intended location might pick up the wrong package, or the actual cargo might fall into the wrong hands, or it might be intentionally diverted into other hands all together!

That is why it is deemed a blessing by most people who rely on to air cargo delivery that air cargo tracking systems have been devised. Through air cargo tracking, the client will be able to monitor not only the location of his cargo in real time, he will as well be able to check if the cargo really gets to the intended receiver at the right time.

Air Cargo Tracking: How it Works

There are various ways to track air cargo. One of the easiest methods is through the airway bill or AWB number. In this system, the client would have to know which exact airline he has applied for the air cargo delivery service and then its airway bill number. Once he knows the airway bill number, he will just have to go through the various air cargo tracking sites on the World Wide Web. These sites would almost always take him to the air cargo tracking services of the respective airline as long as he has the airway bill number of the air carrier.

Another method, which could be used along with the airway bill number, is the tracking number system. In this system, the air carrier will give the client a tracking number for his cargo shipment. With this tracking number, all the client has to do to be able to track his air cargo is to log on to the site of the air carrier, look for the option to track cargo, and then enter the shipment’s tracking number. At once, he will be shown where the cargo is now located, as well as the time estimate as to when it is going to reach the intended recipient.

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