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Cargo ship is a sort of ship or vessel that carries cargo goods and material from one port to another. Cargo ships are especially designed for the task, often being equipped with cranes and other machanism to load and unload, and come in all sizes.

Cargo shipping can be used to transport standard goods, but many professional cargo shipping companies go much further to offer a wide variety of services. There are a number of methods of cargo shipping to best suit your needs. Depending upon the size of the cargo, the timeframe for shipping, and the final destination, you can choose between air cargo shipping companies or an ocean freight company.

Shipping of goods from one place to another whether its domestic or international. Shipping cargo domestically is less complicated than shipping items to other countries. If you want to ship internationally you can take the help of freight forwarders to handle your cargo.

Things which keeps in mind while shipping domestic cargo:

  1. Weigh your item: The item which you want to ship, pay attention to its weigh and dimensions. The weigh is very important, as some shipping companies do not ship items which are less than 100 pounds.
  2. Wrap it Properly: Second but the most imp point to ship your item is packaging. Properly pack your item before shipping. Do not use the cardboxes for packaging, they are not reliable for long distances. Fragile items need to be packed with special care so that there is no damage to your valuables while in transit. Pack your item according to the freight company’s requirement.
  3. Select the Company: Selecting the shipping company for your product is not an easy task as we already gave you some tips how to select your shipping company in my previous article.
  4. Make Shipping Invoice: When you choose the shipping company for your product make an invoice which contains the information relating to your item like company name, customer info, product description like weigh, dimensions and a packing list.
  5. Setup account: You will need to set up an account and make arrangements for your cargo to be picked up and delivered. You will also need to pay for the shipping costs at this point.

Things which keeps in mind while shipping international cargo:

For shipping internationally, its good to take the services of freight forwarders. A freight forwarder is a third party logistics provider who manages the transportation of goods from end-to-end. A forwarder is a transportation expert who is well informed of the state of the shipping industry and the regulations that govern it. The freight forwarder knows and understands the vital rules and regulations involved with international shipping to various countries. It’s a good idea to use a freight forwarder if you plan to ship products to consumers from many different countries.

Services provided by the Freight forwarder :

  1. Preparing Invoice: Create an invoice for international shipping, which contains all the relative information that customs will need to process the cargo.
  2. Port Information: Making arrangements for the pickup and delivery port, as he has many business contacts domestically and internationally.
  3. Warehousing Arrangements: Arranging and coordinating customs for bonding warehousing.
  4. Documentation: They complete the documentation, they arrange for the transportation of your cargo and they make sure that it gets to your customers.
  5. Cargo Tracking: They track your shipment and confirms its delivery.

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