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Air freight services are usually needed when you’ve got valuable goods you have to send to a different part of the globe. Since your shipment is something that’s of certain importance, you should only entrust it to a company who’d surely deliver it quickly and safely. Here are some pointers you should consider to know which among the many companies you should hire.

Reputable freight companies, usually established multinational ones, have more offices in almost all countries in the world. They have access to a full selection of carriers that can transport any type of parcel you’d like to send. Compared to smaller companies, established services generally have more standardized prices for various kinds of packages and for deliveries to different locations in the world. Companies who have limited contacts around the globe may need to hook up with other courier services just to deliver your single parcel and may naturally charge more since it isn’t in their regular shipping route.

There may also be a chance that non-standard parcel may not be accommodated in smaller companies. If your package has irregular dimensions or considerably heavy weight, you might have difficulty in having it shipped through a small courier service. Air freight personnel in big companies generally would know better about the best way to transport heavy, fragile or irregularly sized items.

You should also consider the possibility that your package might get lost or damaged, especially on long-haul trips. You need to check the terms and conditions of the courier service you’re hiring regarding this issue. You have to know how or to what extent you can make any claims if your shipment gets lost or damaged. You need to be aware of the company’s procedures on retrieving a missing parcel. You may also check Internet forums regarding consumers’ feedback when they’ve experienced situations like this with the company that you’re hiring. Does the company have good reputation in solving problems like this? Or, have they left more than a couple of customers furious due to poor service?

Almost all courier and freight companies these days have online tracking capability. If the company that you’re thinking of hiring doesn’t employ one, it might be best if you look for another one. Online tracking is a very useful tool that it is almost indispensable these days. It informs you about where your shipment is already and when it is expected to arrive at the doorstep of the recipient. You can check on your shipment update at any time of the day or night.

These are some of the basic but very important things you need to check when you’re looking for an air freight service to hire. If you want to be free of any worries when sending your package, make sure that you start with picking out a reliable company to handle your shipment.

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